Stupid Blog Writing

fullsizeoutput_3978I am driven to write. There is no exception even when unhappy with my words. I can not compare myself to those that have editors or proofreader’s to read their work before it is published.  I even hate freshly pressed endorsed by this platform.

Why do I write these days?  I received that lone comment that gives me pause.  Hearing from a woman dealing with two rare brain tumors brought tears to my eyes.  She seems to have a strong will and a determination in her spirit. If you are reading this, I am glad you decided to follow me.


On my walk.  I passed this fence and thought of you.  I prayed while smelling these flowers.  You reminded me that we all have something to gain from processing our lives in hobbies that make a difference.  I like to think I am a writer.  I know others that are professional Instagrammers and boy do they have a following!  I suspect there is money in those followers.  For me, I am truly in it for sharing my thoughts, opinions, and at times my wisdom and humor.  The third is of course a matter of opinion.   Chuckle. WordPress are you there?fullsizeoutput_3982

WordPress has never taken my words seriously.  If anything, they are looking for writers who how shall I put it aren’t me.  So like a duck to water, I write but never get recognized by the very format I enjoy utilizing to convey my words.  Yes.  WordPress I will give you credit for letting me use your site.  You’re welcome.

Your welcome WordPress because once in a while I get that amazing comment that makes it all worthwhile to write my little bitty story.  I mean little because so many of you out there have had a harder life than mine.  So commenters, I am grateful you stopped by.  Really.  I am .

Facebook has become another interesting tool I utilize to pass on my writings.  I find a great group of folks that make the effort to read my work.  Maybe you are just nosy to see what I am up to.  That’s  ok.  I am sharing the following photo to make you wonder.


I am taking the road east of 73

As of today, I am nursing a horrific cold.  I slept twelve hours last night.  How does anyone do that?  I thought only the dead.  Wait that sleep is way longer.  In any regard, I woke up with this blog post in mind and I am ripping it out for all to read.  WordPress this ones for you.  I even have some nice photos to let you know how much you mean to me?


I am stopping real soon WordPress!! You see that guy!! He is too!

Enough bashing WP because you see I get those comments that once in a while rock my boat.  I can look around and realize it is not the end just yet.  I see a beginning just over the horizon.  I hope you do too.IMG_7699

Life is not all about the unusual .  It is about the ordinary because basically we are all mostly just that.  Sometimes we get to see something special.   For example, watching a mama bird teach her baby.  I don’t know.  That seems really special. fullsizeoutput_3979

Well unless it is just a crow following along for fun.  Seriously I do not think so.  But you be the judge.  I am done judging.  I am living.





21 thoughts on “Stupid Blog Writing

  1. Peggy Gilkey

    I always read what you write. You amaze me always. Many times I feel your message relates to me or my problems. Thank you for being there ! Love you cousin !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      I agree. Just have not felt like writing on WP these days, but I never know when I will get that person that needs to hear about surviving. So that part is very good . Thx


  2. Donna S

    You know I love to read your post! You always take me away from where I am now. Sometimes it even feels like we are chatting 🙂 I hear you talking when I read your works. Keep ’em coming!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. alesiablogs Post author


      It is more about what they have not done. Everything is fine. I guess I am more tired of what gets recognized as “good writing” and many others are never ever thought about. The thing is WP is just too big now. Millions use this format to write. I think I go through spells where I feel like not writing, but my point is I get that one message from someone that touches me so I keep up trying to put my words out there. I just wonder sometime why WP does not see the good in those of us that have continued to write for several years now. One thing is for sure my title must have got some attention because I had people from 10 different countries read this post in a 4 hour period. No worries. I am OK. Hopefully you can reread this and find the comedy in it. I meant more to be humorous. I guess I did not pull that off too good. Sorry.


      1. Jane Fritz

        Phew. Glad you are OK. I hope you that your writing is valued by your followers. That and just the gratification or satisfaction of writing and sharing what’s on your mind is what matters. If you aren’t finding gratification or satisfaction in writing, then that’s worth thinking about, but I sure hope that’s not the case.

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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Louise, thank you. I go through my doubts, but I do find such joy in writing. I need to lock myself in a room and write my book!! Maybe one day !!


  3. jaggh53163

    Alesia, It is truly sad that so many people today follow along in a rut. They are not “LIVING”, they are just surviving. It is so much more fulfilling to LIVE, to do what we want and to write what comes to us. At this point in my life, I have decided that I want no more regrets or missed opportunities. I wish I had learned it many years ago. It’s all about new challenges. Please never stop growing or learning. It keeps us ALIVE.

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