Collision Course

Convinced it’s finished, we find excuses. Lots of them. It is never done.  Conflict comes and goes.  We can be on a crash course that promises to be the collision of a lifetime.  No one said life is fair.

The Pacific Northwest is enchanting and a place to easily hide. After all a few million live here.  Finding solace, I watch ferries travel back and forth while walking along the waterfront.  The lives of those on the ferries I figured must be just like mine.

Not so.  Each of us has a story to tell. We are unique and made wonderfully in the image of the almighty God of the Heavens.  That last statement I have more than once questioned. However, my autistic son reminds me while singing to me in perfect pitch from The Lady And The Tramp the love of humanity and a son’s love of his mom and perhaps even greater God’s love that surrounds us so mysteriously:

Oh, this is the night
It’s a beautiful night

And we call it bella notte

Look at the skies

They have stars in their eyes

On this lovely bella notte

For this is the night
And the heavens are right

On this lovely bella notte…..

My son reminds me of love in song and the beauty of what is around us.  It is worthy to think on things so lovely and believe. 


9 thoughts on “Collision Course

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      I am glad in many ways I do not know my future or anyone’s future. Those kind of films intrigue me, but in reality can’t imagine it a good thing. There is a scripture I think about and I paraphrase – “…we should think only of today because tomorrow will take care of itself …”



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