The Hurt


Building on last week’s post, Outsmarting Getting Old, I wanted to thank you for your expressions of concerns and sharing with me your own struggles.  All paths can bring healing.  It is finding the one that works well for our own needs.

Today this little vehicle popped up next to me to my surprise!  What if I would have not seen that thingie and hit it while I was driving. Oh my the hurt, right.

I woke up pain-free in my back for the first time in a month today.  Typically, my struggle comes later in the day.  It felt like a little miracle for me.  As I struggle finding the right path for my ailments,  I am able to go to a doctor freely because I have good insurance.  I think of those out their with the climate of current-affairs so worried about that one issue in their lives.  Why do I bring this up? (think stress of thinking you can not go to the doctor).  We are not just biology ( DNA makeup).  We are also earthed in our environment and stress is serious.

Disease such as my spine issues did not just appear out of thin air.  My disease process was activated by stress on my body.  I worked long hours as a nurse and did heavy work at times (think bathing a 400lb person).  I thought I was very careful, but if one has a genetic propensity toward triggering an illness such as arthritis, than of course my line of work would eventually catch up with me.

Medical breaththroughs are happening everyday so we must stay diligent.  It is no easy task to sort out complex conditions especially when we relate our genetics, environment, and on top of that a brain that has housed a tumor.   All this smacks of a perfect storm.

The good news advancements everyday are occurring.  I get excited when I think of healing that can occur from the research combined with my attempt to live a healthy life.   Lifestyle with learning new habits in eating especially can be a bitch, but it may be the most important investment a person does for themselves to offset genetics.  It may even help with other triggers as well.

As I think of triggers-I can not help to bring up stress.  I lived in a constant stress state for over 20 years of my life raising an autistic son.  By the way, I would do it all again except figure out how I could have got more sleep!!  That constant stress caught up with me and I knew it.  I have learnt and am continually  learning to deal with it differently now.


My photography always calms me and brings me into the arts. Creativeness is so important. How will I be remembered? Perhaps by my pictures?

The goal of getting the hurt under control is individual treatment.  It is not one size shoe fits all.  It is sitting down and going through as detailed as possible where we may need help.  The help can be found in a sundry of treatments.  My plan of care is multifaceted.  It starts with me being willing to look at all avenues and finding the pathway best for me.  I love that I can work on this alone, but also with the assistance of others.  My unique makeup  means I get to be part of the team that makes a difference.  In fact,  I am the most important part.  God says I am.  He loves me…Just interjecting that for those that think I am leaving out the spiritual side of things.

Sorting out complex disease does mean a team approach is best.  I am working with a team of folks including Physical therapists, doctors in specialized fields, spiritual advisors, and any other I choose up to and including those in my life that bring me pleasure. You can take what you want from that, but the end product is to solve the problem or alleviate symptoms and disease.


This is part of my food test from a recent blood sample I gave. IT looks like Vegetables are my friends. I guess I should watch out for those mushrooms !!

As I carefully define my hurts and my hopeful answers with my readers, it is my hope we all look for healthy ways to live life better.  I am just so glad I woke up painfree this morning.  It was a gift, however, I am finding that I may be getting agoraphobic.  Discussion to come up in a later post.


Don’t judge me by those pipes.  I smoke very little.  It helps at times.  Edibles are quite good too.  CBD lotion is the bomb.  I need to write a blog on THC/CBD medicinals.  I hope to soon.


15 thoughts on “The Hurt

  1. kkessler833

    I am so glad your back is improving! My sister was a nurse and she had to file for compensation for hip and neck problems. She had to go to court but she won. She was always so athletic that it had to be the nursing that hurt her body. I was always impressed with how fit she was when we were growing up. I hope your son is doing well. I wish someone could come up with a cure for autism. God bless!


    1. alesiablogs Post author

      I appreciate your comment. It is a hard thing to deal with and I try to give myself slack, however, I am probably my hardest critic and really want to be in the best shape possible. I realize I have been doing it all wrong for many years. It is high time I invest in a disciplined way a continual diligent diet of the right foods, etc. What a tough proposition haha It is very hard work to cook properly and avoid the wrong foods that my body will not tolerate. Having said that—I am not going to deprive myself of ice cream haha

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  2. Carl D'Agostino

    Mushrooms (I love) actually have very little nutritional value. How can we beat aging ? Dad will be 94 in November . Severe arthritis in hips, only one eye and that with with limited vision. He gave up driving 30 years ago and cannot read and can write his signature only. I must drive and cook and take care of all paperwork matters. Other that that he takes care of himself and has a better memory than me ! Parents moved in with me in 2002. Mother died 2012. He’s still with me. Oh it will be so dreadful in this big house all alone without him. I told him I hope we die the same day. He has handled his limitations very gracefully. He say’s he’s getting old. I reply “Dad , you’ve already been old for 25 Years!”

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