Remembrance lights illuminating my neighborhood has become a tradition.

Who am I?  I ask that question of myself.  I answer.  An inspired human being beyond belief.  That is who I am and how I feel.

The music softly plays in the background as I ponder my own humanness.  It grows in strength.  Hearing the crescendo of the musical instruments raises me up to a new high that surely I could not do by myself.

Maybe that is what we should be to each other.  Musical instruments playing off the harmony if we allow this metaphor to play out truly in our lives.


Walking in that fresh snow tonight feels like a miracle.

Recently, I have been richly blessed by my own musical harmony if you will.  Those of you know because you feel it too.  We know it as we thoughtfully see how we have brought clarity to each other.  It is truly a gift.  I am a gift, but more than anything you are a gift back to me.

The holidays have been upon us and no better time to reflect and respond.  I respond to a God so awe inspiring to allow me as a human to understand who I am on this earth.  It is truly a miracle.


A snowy night makes for It’s A Wonderful Life viewing pleasure.

May the beauty of the season bring you to a new high.  You are not alone.

Dedicated to cousins.  You have deeply enriched me.  May others play their instruments  and seek harmony.



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