Bird Time

I am so fortunate to live in a bird paradise.  If you are patience, they will come.   I have been waiting for this fella to be in just the right place for me to take his photo! Look at all them all ! He is adorable !




3 thoughts on “Bird Time

  1. Anne Copeland

    I too have always loved birds. I have rescued a number of them over the years – usually babies whose mothers disappeared in the night – likely victims of cats. Once I rescued a whole nest full of three baby birds who were orphaned that way. I brought their nest in during the cold of the night, wrapped then warmly in tissue paper, and hand fed them with an eye dropper every hour or two through the night a mixture of egg, water and bread. Two of them apparently succumbed to a virus, but the third one survived, and I would hold him in my hands at bedtime and sing him a lullaby. He in turn would sing along. I had to give him to some friends who kept him I believe for 13 years total until he passed away. He lived in a cage with the cage door open so he could fly out, but he never wanted to. When other birds would come, they could come in and visit him and eat some of his food, but he never left with them, though he seemed to enjoy their company. We named him “Peepers” because whenever he heard my voice in the home or he could see me, he would get all excited, flap his wings and peep loudly! There is something especially sacred about birds. All creatures are sacred, but birds have been pictured through the ages with people, so I think they are special creatures. Thank you again for sharing.

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