The Many Faces Of Autism

I am in love with this crazy, wonderful son of mine. Today was a good day.

I have been thinking a lot about raising children be they normative versus like my son Luke who has various neurological challenges . Nature blessed Luke’s Dad and myself with the privilege of parenting a boy with such heart and soul. As many of you know reading from my blog that this has not been a easy journey.

As a point of reference due to the degree of difficulty Luke’s ongoing struggles represents, staff members are now around the clock 24/7 and at most times with a two to one acuity. This program is defined as supportive living in the state of Washington . No doubt, I wonder if we did Luke an injustice sheltering him from the world. For example, there were many days over a 20 plus year timeframe, I would not let Luke out of the home. The sheer magnitude of Luke’s struggles made for life to be built around Luke. That meant we the “normal” family living with our son adapted everything around his needs.

Today marks Luke’s second week in his new apartment. I have spent numerous hours getting this second home furnished so that he is made comfortable with familiar belongings. For example, I brought Luke’s rug from his bedroom over and immediately I saw my son’s face light. It was a great feeling and watching him enjoy his new TV was equally satisfying. My Luke is slowly returning to me after almost five months of hell.

Next we are signing more paperwork to get his financial plan in place with the agency caring for Luke and our state. Luke is in need of extra money as you can see his expenses. Luke does have a small income , but not near enough to cover everything:

As I ponder how money is distributed to all of us through various channels, I thought it might be good to share with you some tips on how to make the most of these kinds of situations:

1. Accept help. Do not say no if you truly know your family member needs assistance.

2. Keep clear lines of communication open.

3. Work always with as many of the facts you need to know as knowledge is power.

4. Be involved.

5. Rest , rest, rest. Give yourself a day off once in awhile.

Today, the many faces of autism were beautifully manifested on my dear boy’s face.

5 thoughts on “The Many Faces Of Autism

  1. Anne Copeland

    You are such a wonderful lady, Alesia. I think you have given a lot of hope and inspiration to so many others who struggle to do right for their autistic children and trying to find their way through the maze that is the system that supposedly is there to help them. And I am also inspired by the fact that you too are a breast cancer survivor (me too). To go through this and still be able to give your child the care and love you have been doing is incredible. I think of all the children who are dumped into the foster system or worse by their parents and to me, not even trying to do anything for them, and you will always be a hero to me. Hugs, Anne



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