My Army Brat Childhood Highlights Through Photography


President Richard Nixon was a part of my army brat life when he visited Hawaii on his way to China for a pivotal strategic trip.  Dad took this photo at a military parade on February 20, 1972. He was a Command Sargent Major whose job entailed facilitating VIP’s.  I was in a unique position to view history in the making because of my dad’s position.  Nixon’s goal for this trip was to improve relations with communist China.


This AP article highlights that Nixon saw this trip as very important for the USA

Today’s children see the world through constant media, but in my day as a youth things were not as visible.  I was lucky in this example to be a part of history.  These kinds of events provided a framework for my thinking about not just the world, but to reflect about my own world in the enormity of the moment.  As a 10 year old,  I was in awe.

IMG_3354 4



My development in my youth I see now was on a continuum of experiences I encountered that gave me an an opportunity to grow and move on to new possibilities!  I am convinced my life was enriched by those formative years that lovingly shaped me into the person I am today.  This Army Brat is humbled and thought this snippet in my life story was worthy of sharing.  The photos alone have never been seen before outside my immediate family.  Credit goes to my dad.


Army Life was so cool .  I always had a smile on my face. 

As a young person growing up in a military family,  I realize how fortunate I was and embrace that time as such a huge blessing.  Reflecting on it now always brings me to understand the motivational force I had as a child to be sustained, energetic, and focused. Life did not always work out that way for me, but I know this event where history crossed my path was one I have much gratitude.



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