Blogging is a vehicle that I enjoyed utilizing in the last few years.  In the fringes of life and just holding on with a pen in hand,  I can truly say my blog was a godsend.  As the moments of my life converged into a simple exercise on thoughts put to paper,  I worked toward illustrating my ordinary moments as extraordinary with eyes wide open to the vastness of those everyday experiences.  That was intentional on my part. After all, most life is ordinary and only a tiny portion of is extraordinary.

A new year is almost upon us and as a way to celebrate, it is time to take a moment and share my ordinary life story once again. Can you comment and tell me something about your own ordinary motivations as it may pertain to the new year?  Most of life seems to consist of things that happen right in the middle and even if mundane, those times can be so enlightening .  It is worth exploring so feel free to comment about your moments that you see yourself patterning from my own typical list:

  1. Reading
  2. Cooking
  3. Paying bills
  4. Watching TV
  5. Listening to music
  6. Dreaming
  7. Hygiene
  8. Planning my day
  9. Walking
  10. Coffee   AND last but not least
  11. I am still dreaming about writing my extraordinary life story that most certainly permeates through my top ten list. You can not have one without the other…. That is  a little extra special along with the mundane things we call life.   Glad to have them all and glad to have you with me even if my time on WordPress is more rare….

8 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Jane Fritz

    Happy New Year, Alesia. So glad to see a new post from you. I use my own blog posts to help me think through ideas I’m sorting through. There is no doubt that some things I’m interested in are of absolutely no interest to the blogosphere! That’s when we have to remind ourselves that we’re really writing for ourselves – and that’s OK. 😊 How is your writing project coming along? Well, I hope.

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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      I have but it is not something I can publish yet. It is a lot to think on . I am working on a volunteer project , however, that gives me much joy . Nothing better than helping others. Happy New Year Jane!

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