Luke And Alesia

My friend from Kitsap texted me last night inquiring about my New Year festivity’s. I texted her back a photo exactly what I was doing at 8pm. I was standing in line at McDonald’s! Such excitement with my autistic son Luke, but when I look into his eyes I know exactly this moment here is where I belong.

Simple. This word describes my son. In a world of automation, it is good to see him as meaningful symbolism of all that is good and easygoing in my world. There is no way I could imagine this world with all its technology to ever come close to my relationship with him. Technology will never figure out my son and it should never try.

Luke is able to reach my inner most heart that no one ever will . That is the reason why I chose to enjoy my New Year beginnings with him.

Luke’s nature will never change. While a world around me is ever evolving, I have the gold standard of Luke to ground me. It’s truly an amazing lesson of life. We humans have several emotional states or expressions, which Luke has a varied sense of, that we rely on. Take the smile. Non-autistic humans can smile and it could be a fake. If Luke were to smile, I am 100% sure that it is an authentic emotion he is exuding.

This is truly the lesson at hand. Authentic behaviors are what I am hungry for from all my relationships. It is difficult to imagine this and I understand we can not always be “on” and that’s ok. Yet, my son Luke with his Alesia ( ok mom) get it. We get each other. It seems unlikely to most a young man with autism can teach anyone how to connect, because they themselves can not socially do that with others without a degree of enormous difficulties, yet it’s true.

Happy New Year and may all of you start out your 2019 with authenticity and a true desire for connection.

16 thoughts on “Luke And Alesia

      1. Jane Fritz

        With my loved one. We’ve been laid low with a nasty virus that refuses to loosen its grip, so we cancelled plans to travel to our kids and grandkids. It’s been very quiet! 😏

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