WWII veteran turns 96 today

A contemplative Roy as he sits to enjoy the artwork

WWII Veteran Roy McGinnis turns 96 years young today. Feel free to wish him Happy Birthday in the comments and I will be sure to pass them on. My step-dad Roy as you can imagine has truly been a shining example for any young person to emulate with his striking career in the military along with his civilian time as the Director of Veterans Affairs for the State of Alabama.

There are so many unbelievable stories I could share about this man including his 18 month stay in a German concentration camp after his plane was shot down, but today I want to highlight his effectiveness at being a loving husband to my mother. They recently celebrated 25 years of marriage and without a doubt, I can truly say that they are a perfect pair. Recently Roy had a bad fall in their home and mother had to call 911. Roy was taken to the hospital and thankfully did not break any bones. The doctor did say he would feel it pretty bad over the next couple of days. Indeed he did, but with mom by his side he has just about recovered.

Another interesting story about Roy that I find fascinating is that he writes poetry. He has written several with my mother a huge inspiration for some of them. This makes me smile when thinking on it. So today as you go about doing the business at hand in your life , would you stop and think about a man only four years shy of a 100 and wish him the best of birthdays. He is truly my hero.

Taken by me of Roy and Mom as we toured a local art gallery

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