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IMG_8524You ever wonder what the most touching blog posts are written about especially those that always bring back your audience for more? By having a blog and developing a number of readers over the years who have in many instances stayed in touch with me through email, Instagram, or Facebook , I have found that my platform strategy in writing is utilizing my personal life experiences.  For example, I have worked over the years to deliver topics around my son Luke who has autism and the many struggles that have followed us through various experiences.


It is encouraging to talk out a mother’s struggles with the medical community along with the state-run programs that are put in place to assist my son during his difficult life because of his diagnosis .   I appreciate your comments, questions and welcome your ideas and support as you walk along side me.

My son has completed his first year in an apartment with full support staff that are caring and work to keep him safe and productive.  It is not time to do a victory dance, but my heart is not beating as fast with anxiety like those initial first few months!  There will be more hurdles a long the way, but at least I am able to take a deep breath and get some much-needed rest.  Sleep deprivation is a horrible part of being a full-time care giver and it is a good to get uninterrupted sleep at night.

Since I am getting some much needed rest, I have begun doing some volunteer work.  I have been working with support groups dealing with identity issues surrounding family secrets exposed from home DNA kits.  In addition we are working with adoptees and donor conceived.  It has been rewarding work to be sure.  I am proud to be a part of a new nonprofit and recently named its vice president. You can find us at .

We are doing good work.  This summer we are also having an event in Seattle if any of you would like to attend. It will be packed with information on legal, genealogical, as well as emotional discussions caused by surprise dna test results.  There is just so much a person impacted has to unpack.  We also plan to identify new content on coping with the news and starting dialogue with new found families.  It promises to be very informative.   I would love to see some of you at our symposium on July 20, 2019.  Below is our link and our theme- WE ARE FAMILY.  If you want to attend , please check our our link below.  Lunch will be served.



















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