The Blog Who Became A Book



Alesia is Seeing Green in her garden!

Sitting out in my garden this afternoon on a beautiful Saturday with bright blue skies, I brought out a new book to enjoy reading.  This book is very special to me and if you are a gardener you might want to think about picking it up on Blurb printing.  I am thrilled today to share my friend and fellow blogger Kevin G. Loud’s book Seeing Green.

I believe so much in supporting our blogging community and have done so several times.   I have actually bought several of your books that read my own blog.  I just wish I could get my book written also, but alas I have all of yours to keep me preoccupied …

I have read through about 50% of the book and felt compelled to share my review of it already! Call me premature, but it is written with such heart as I know my friend Kevin has such a way of expressing himself that you feel as if you are with him all along the way on his journey in his garden.  He brings love, humor, gardening adventures, and his own photos on many of the pages.  Kevin, who is a retired  New York public teacher living in Florida now, inspired to writing a blog because he had asked his students to also write blogs..Why not him?  He thought .  And why not?  That was the genesis of Nitty Gritty Dirt Man.

Kevin’s Nitty Gritty Dirt Man blog  is packed with several beautiful and detailed stories that are well thought out and so informative.  He takes from his blog and makes an impressive ‘hold in your hand’ book that you will want to pick up with all it has to offer.  I already know I can not wait to share it with several of my friends.  I also think my copy on my coffee table will be an instant hit and an eye grabber for those who visit me in my home.

I am so thankful to Kevin for opening my world and listening to me as I blogged through some of the hardest times of my life.  I shared so much with Kevin dare I say maybe too much at times as we grew in our friendship.  I am just happy to say I got over the hump of much consternation in my life and it was through Kevin’s example , a man of honor and integrity, who saw me through several years of blogging and who also encourages me to write my book one day.  He has always been a fan of mine as I have been of his work.  May the stars shine on you Kevin as you work your hands in the dirt and create new designs in your little part of the earth growing gorgeous flowers for all of us to enjoy. Your book today has me mesmerized …..





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