My Mind Is Parked, But The Chocolate Is Kicking In

6/2/1977…I read this in my junior high school yearbook and smiled.

6/2/2019….When he was put in a critical thinking scenario, the whistling began as a coping mechanism. The subject was unpleasant so he was attempting to birdcall it off.

It didn’t occur to me until way later that a maturity of his mind had not been cultivated. His reasoning could be clearly attained if he had begun years ago training himself. To focus on ordering one’s life is deeply rooted in discipline.

There in lies the problem or is it the process? Everything I ever seemed to gain the most usefulness for was begun in my youth. Science evidently must have been a fave subject of mine. Just ask Tom? Or perhaps this time we ask someone in the bird caller friend’s circle. The problem is that person may not have had the opportunity that I may have experienced.

There are also those who misunderstand the very nature of wisdom. Many prefer practical knowledge, but do not get theory. I would say we all ( general blanket statement) need to be honest with ourselves and take a deep look at ourselves.

Lately in quiet reflection ( while eating chocolate ), I have been working toward understanding my gifts and my pitfalls. It is good to examine ourselves and take inventory to learn where we can or should do better. We are not young adults any longer that can get mad at a drop of a hat and get reactive. For example, a kid on Facebook unfriends a friend over one action they did not like promptly. Instead we should be waiting for things to unfold before responding…Now that gets me back to my whistleblower..Was he really that bad for doing that? Nah. Not really. At least he did not get overreactive. Wisdom and/or the lack of comes in many forms.

Practice this. If someone disagrees with you, do not react mad. Instead take notes and learn from them their point of view. Looking for common ground is priority and in the end it helps you be more open minded. Nothing feels better than a smart mind that is relaxed. Anxiety can rest it’s ugly head , but it we repeat this kind of activity to discern what the other person may be thinking , the better you will be in the end. Ok. That’s the chocolate kicking in.

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