Sunsets: Don’t Under Estimate Them!


It gets old driving up to the Veteran’s Administration Hospital, but at least the sunset was beautiful on the water.  Wishing I could turn toward the ocean and cast my gaze on the sea sounded so much better than standing in line at the pharmacy.

Fortunately, it was not so bad and I was able to walk out in a reasonable amount of time, however dusk had already settled in.  Sunsets are a powerful distraction God has created.  It is an extraordinary experience to sit on a bench and see the sun meet the water and cast its bright lights all over the shoreline bouncing from one section seaward toward another with brilliant flashes that melt anxiety.

That was a couple of days ago.  I kept thinking, “Girl you need to get down to those emerald waters and chill!” Yeah right.  Maybe when I finally slow down!

Ding. Ding.  A text was coming in and it was my cousin in Indiana.  She was explaining that her daughter was in Seattle for work and needed someone to spend time with her.  She was nervous about being in a big city and asked if I could encourage her.  How could I say no.

As my eyes met her, it was evident this young lady of twenty, traveling for the first time alone and frightened needed some cheering up.  I offered to give her a diversion and take her to see that sunset.  HINT.  I needed to see it too!


Upon meeting this bright and cheerful young lady, it was apparent she was full of stress and was doing her best to smile.  I worked hard to get her to laugh and relax.  It seemed to work.  Nothing like a few jokes to lighten the mood and share about my beautiful city.  This was not new to me.  I have enjoyed showing off Seattle and all it has to offer before.

As I was driving up to Edmonds, WA it was evident that we made perfect timing to see the sky and all it had to offer.  Again, never underestimate the power of gorgeous mountains, cotton candy clouds, ferries, and emerald water as far as the eye can see.

This particular evening the brightness of the orange sun was more brilliant than I had seen in quite some time.  It mesmerized me and I was sure to tell my cousin’s daughter the sky was showing off just for her.  God was making a painting of unusual depth and quality that only an eternal designer could pull off.  She smiled and I could see her face relax for the first time completely.  The drive to the ocean was so worth it.  Be of service to people in life is truly what we all should strive to do.  Perhaps just perhaps the nurturance was more for me, but please do not give out my secret.   


Love, Alesia




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