A Tree Suspended In Midair

DSC_2611I was staring at it and twisting and turning my head this way and that.  I was not seeing it wrong, however, the visual was secretive.  A large part of a tree had broken off and was suspended in midair.  It was protected by growth from another tree so the illusion was deceptive to my senses.  It reminded me of the quote from Henry David Thoreau, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. ”

It seems pondering so long on that funky suspension and its mistakenly eery look was like looking at a three-eyed toad.  Perhaps it reminded me how unusual the familiar in nature can attract us and then dispirit us all in one lingering time span.


I love nature and the birds that gravitate to my backyard.  Their sights and sounds are relaxing, beautiful, and peaceful and wanting to share about them with you just seems the right thing to do.  The true cycle of life is easily misunderstood when we do not take the time to grow aware and be conscious.  It’s funny I looked at that tree with birds in it for months not noticing it in midair.  Ultimately it was in front of my view just waiting for me to open up my eyes just a little wider and give it a more thorough look over.


Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned in all that.  I enjoy my backyard as it gives me pause to be thoughtful and consider the ways of the literal world around me and how it can teach me a worldview that is organic and meaningful.  My ways are not your ways is something God seems to speak to me through my senses.  It is incredibly imperative to me I truly come to a full understanding of life’s bigger picture especially at this stage in my own journey.  It is with deep admiration I am in love with the thought of a peaceful life in a tormented world.  So as I stare just a little longer and educate my eyes, I realize the free gift of eavesdropping on nature. I say die knowing something.  You are not here long. ( Last three sentences paraphrased from Walker Evans).


Photos by Alesiablogs with her handy dandy Nikon!


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