Someone Asked Me

Olympia, Washington

My friend Kara and I went to Olympia our state capital to meet with our senators and representatives. What a great experience.

Someone asked me, “What is your idea of a dream life?” Without restraint, I answered.

“It begins with trusting your gut to know when it is time to stand up and be a part of something bigger than yourself.  It is when you know you have met an ideal that finally satisfies you’re very being. It is digging deep in yourself and pulling out the silent parts.”

With a bit of a bent disposition, I stopped and looked at this someone who happened to be a new friend.

“Good question. Thanks for asking. I didn’t mean to scare you off.”  He was not.


Early in the week,  I had the pleasure to go to Olympia, the capital of Washington State, to share about a bill I would like to see become law.  It was a bit of an adventure as the weather here in the greater Seattle area and counties surrounding have been inundated with excessive amount of record breaking rainfall.  The date to meet up with our state politicians was set up right at the height of this rain deluge.

One of my dearest newer friends Kara Deyerin who can be found on Twitter at Unexpectedly Jewish and at our nonprofit , Right to know us, came along was me to meet several senators to discuss our passion in a new human right struggle that we recognized from countless over the counter DNA test kit results.  The test results were showing many of its victims that a supporting parent(s) is/was not their biological parent(s).  In the case of the meetings we had with our political representatives and senators, we identified in one example how a number of our donor – conceived friends had daddy doctors who misrepresented themselves and actually utilized their own sperm to impregnate their patients. For me this is nothing less than medical rape.  

As we sat down to talk to our politicians, Kara and I saw the shocked looks of their faces realizing it was not a crime in Washington for such unethical and criminal behavior.  I am glad to say we found everyone of those political faces willing to work with us as we gain support for a bill that would penalize these doctors,  At the end of the day, it was my own local Representative Derek Stanford who said he would sponsor the bill.

What does that mean?  As Kara and I drove back to her home after spending several hours on the hill, we thought about the success of finding a sponsor, but unfortunately  with time running out to introduce our bill this winter, it would mean we would have to come back.  The plan was always to come back anyway as we educate each person about the necessity of creating legislation that counter acts to the insane genetic surprises that have come about by online DNA kits.  As I have always believed what is hidden will always come to light.

That ride back in pouring down rain brought us delays due to road closures.  Interesting enough, navigating the roads these last couple of days and delays helped me recognize the true art of patience and letting be and letting life happen organically.  Perhaps the universe was teaching me lessons about going through storms and having delays can be used to my benefit.  I spent the night with my friend due to road closures that would take me to my home.  I find it amazing how the elements of life (weather in this case) has a way of teaching us.

For example, the sluggish legislation process this week helped me realize that slowing down and living life more purposeful and deliberate can  have many benefits.  My own psyche immediately knew I needed to process the new emotions I was having toward future  achievements in the world of politics in the name of genetic morality.

A measured slower path leads to a better concrete success story for the future, despite the roads that seem closed on you.  Sooner or later that road will open up.

Feel free to read more about the work being done at righttoknowus  and go like us on our new Facebook page by the same name.  We have a plethora of information on genetic and DNA testing ramifications.  It would be great to hear from you on there so feel free to drop me a line.




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