An Open Love Letter to Berlin


Paul Klee’s The Lover is obviously in the abstract and darn if all I saw was The Pink Panther.

“Berlin, remember my time with you back in the summer of 87′, then again the fall of 89′, and yet one more time on my latest visit of 2019?”

Arriving autumn 2019 late in the morning after traveling almost 24 hours, the Tegel International Airport looked frumpish and out-dated. So naturally Tegel gave me no clues to the transformation I was about to realize in Berlin. Determined not to miss anything, my eyes foraged around as I studied the environment.  No doubt, I was anxious how to fit in.

As I approached the inner workings by public transportation, I could hear three languages spoken including English.  Tugging my suitcase off the ramp’s bus, the fresh air was calm giving me an inner sense of belonging.  It was the beginning of understanding how much I would feel at home.  The years of reunification have smiled on you Berlin.


Pablo Picasso’s Glass & Ace of Clubs and yet again all I see is a Cat and his whiskers.

Respecting not only the evolution of once a cruel divided city to one of forbearing ways with a sense of sweet-tempered people surrounding me,  Berlin has grown up into a beautiful, magical place with great potential realized.  The people have done well with the complexities of its architecture, urban planning, technology, history, and last but not least fun spaces for every age.


My Oma is on the left looking down toward my mother. I love this photo that was originally in black and white that I was able to bring to life in color. 1949

I was apprehensive about my trip, but your people kept me from being frantic.  Berlin’s humanity is found trustworthy and accepting.  History, of course, brings memories of soldiers so long ago who came to your city to bomb you to death.  Some of those soldiers never to come home.  Here though I come to you on a vacation and think upon this time with so many emotions, but I undoubtedly see walking along your streets poignant tributes to all of fallen humanity.  This a sign of your soaring stature in all of the world.  There is no other like Berlin- a model city for all of us to emulate and learn from indeed.


Thank you for dropping by my blog–always a hodge podge of ideas and suggestive BERLIN  ART I photographed and make FUN…Do not mistake the fact I love this kind of work.


8 thoughts on “An Open Love Letter to Berlin

  1. darlenecraviotto

    It has been awhile since I’ve explored your blog, and I have to congratulate you on its new look and content. I’ve really enjoyed your posts on Berlin and I look forward to more exploring on your site. Keep up the great work!

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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      You just made my day. I was recently asked by a publisher to share my work on Germany and it was so affirming . You have just taken the time to do the same thing and coming from you, it certainly means the world to me XOXO

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ingrid Wolfe

    There are no words to describe the emotions your Berlin blog stirred up in me. I was born in Berlin behind the iron curtain but my family eventually escaped the brutal regime and settled in the west. I was fortunate enough to visit from time to time, after the curtain was brought down, and yes, the transformation/ resurrection is amazing. For many, many years I have lived in the USA now but I will always consider Berlin my hometown.Thank you for so eloquently presenting my beautiful city.

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