Revised version of a very popular post from my early days titled Pioneer Woman. If you love genealogy and stories about hard lives of women In the 1800’s in rural Kentucky, please read this true account of Jennie Jenkins the original pioneer woman in my family.

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  1. Melissa

    Alesia so proud you stuck up for yourself! You got this girl and I’m here if you need anything! Crazy how you get signs and hints and then realize maybe you should not just brush it off but advocate for yourself like you said. I too have a mole on my back arm that’s been growing and my husband noticed too. He actually thought maybe it’s a good idea to check on it and I was gonna brush it off. I have a few growing but as soon as I read your post I realized it’s my health. It’s my life. It’s worth the time to check on it. Thanks for raising awareness on this! 💖💖

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