About Luke

Luke receiving his first pay check!

Luke receiving his first pay check!

Luke is my 20 year old son with Autism. Here are some various photos of him that I wanted to share with you so you get an idea who I am talking about when I do write about him. On my blog I am setting up this page to share my various thoughts on his neurodevelopmental disease along with his mental health issues. When appropriate I will share insights from a perspective of being his mom, his advocate, and his Registered Nurse. And yes, Luke does call me his nurse. It is my hope in these writings it will assist you in understanding the strange world we live in with Luke. It is also my hope these posts will engage you as the reader to become more in tune with the disabled community around you:


https://alesiablogs.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/redefining-mental-illness/ This post is about the changes in diagnosing autism.

https://alesiablogs.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/heros/ This post is about how Luke affects his mom. He is my hero.


https://alesiablogs.wordpress.com/2014/03/16/hijacked-by-a-toxic-mental-health-system/ This post is about Luke’s recent hospitalization.


9 thoughts on “About Luke

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  2. Jane Eilers

    Hi Alesia
    I ran across your blog while searching for others with haploid H13a1a1a since I just received my results from 23andme. So, in some way, I guess I am related to your husband.
    Just wondering if you would like to research how I might be related to your husband and wondering if we were flagged as relatives on 23andme.
    Good luck with the Parkinsons…This came up as a higher than normal risk for me too..so far no signs.
    I also write (a novel and screenplay waiting for an opportunity) and was an RN. Judging from your photo we are about the same age…would you like a new friend? We may have much in common.
    We are in Oregon, so near neighbors. I too have been to lake Chelan hiking out of the Stahekian ranch (sp?)
    I was not sure how to reach you other than through the comment section.
    Hope to hear from you.


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  4. livingwithshadows

    thank you for sharing, my son has aspergers and tourettes syndrome, he will be 17 in a few weeks. although on the other end of the spectrum and not needing as much support i can read clear similarities.. the need for routine being one. autistic spectrum kids seem to be always shown as having no emotion, being cold but i find my son is ruled by his emotions and he is often overly emotional. I am glad that by sharing about your son many people reading will get a better idea of the truth of autism. thank you

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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Thank you for the kind comment. Autism is so misunderstood because they are put in this gigantic category that real means little except to put placement. Our children are all individuals with their place in this world. They are made precious for us their family and this is what makes each and everyone of them special.

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