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Christmas Card Demise

He took the picture and dared me to post it!! Ok I took the dare!! I told him I look terrible in this photo. But then I thought who cares! That’s me. 

Here goes my blog post now! I hope you get offended! 

Why is it you think a Christmas message on FB is even remotely as good as getting a card in the mail? Answer that for me. 

Tip one- write a card. 

This year I wrote a newsletter. The only ones who will see it are friends that I have corresponded with via the UPS during the holiday season. That’s a treat like no other!! And no my Christmas message is not on my blog! And yes.. you can bet I bragged on my children. 

Tip two- share a note how the family is doing.

Most of all sharing about my faith in new ways is the gravy of my message.  It is the glue of my life.

Tip three-do not be afraid to put on notice what makes you happy in your life in the card or maybe what’s not going so great . I don’t mind hearing it. At least you took the time to write me. 

We all change . We are all moving forward.  What’s the alternative? I find grace to be my answer. How about you? Hope I get lots of cards this year, but I am afraid it is becoming a lost art. I guess a phone call is good, but the Christmas card is even better!!

Tip four-Take a break from all social media once in awhile and just reflect and maybe listen to Christmas music instead. My ideal music venue is the record album!!! How many of you remember vinyl? Stop you say!! Ok. Yes. I love music via my computer and radio too!! Happy holidays everyone and thank you WordPress for the snow flakes…

Bible Thumping Linus

Nature is very meaningful to me and I know God is among the trees and animals in nature. If you get this in email form, please be sure to click into my blog today as I have SNOW falling right now!  It is so cool.

Today, Linus my precious dog reminded me (note photos below) to make sure I share with my followers that I do wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.   I know that many of you have different faiths and I actually enjoy reading what many of my blogs I follow say about their life and their belief system.  My belief is Bible based and I truly love the story of Christ the Child.  Growing up Lutheran, I received a firm foundation in my belief but never really committed to my faith until I was just about grown up.  I will be honest with you about my current state of faith and mind.  I do not feel like I have any.  Yet I do not go by my feelings.  Today is a reminder that all of us should love one another, take care of the sick, feed the poor, and lift up those in need.  This is truly what Jesus the Christ did in His ministry on earth. Where ever you are I hope you will enjoy how my nature around me reminds me of my faith.  I am usually kind of silly so enjoy these photos taken with my Panasonic DMC-ZR1 in that spirit:2012-12-06 14.22.39

Linus Sleeping on my Bible. He has been like this for an hour!

Linus Sleeping on my Bible. He has been like this for an hour!


Bird Watching

Bird Watching



Linus Praying

Linus Praying!