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Ceiling Prayers

Many times I have felt like my prayers only reached the ceiling. Can you relate?

As I entered a hotel in Las Vegas,  the most beautiful glass ceiling mesmerized my conscious. I wondered again about God and my earnest prayers only going so far.

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Monkey On My Back

Stent running from my kidney all the way to you know where! Ugh

Brain injury awareness month was the last thing on my mind ( no pun intended) as I scoped through my home last week looking for an important document. I was getting mad at myself.
Many of my rooms are partially empty. There are a few reasons for this. Without blaming my autistic son too much, I am convinced he has wanted me to redo rooms for quite sometime. ( He breaks things. I guess we all need hobbies. This one is very expensive ).

Waiting on my Urologist! What Joy!

I have had a brain tumor and some form of TBI ( traumatic brain injury) and like my surroundings well controlled. My inability to find that document drove me crazy. I finally called someone who assisted me! Thank God.

Without boring my readers, I was working through authorizations , etc with my health needs. This alone can drive anyone nuts. 
Surgery again tomorrow and another overnight stay is enough to think about, but my mind has trouble staying focused at times. I do not care if I am labeled with a monkey on my back. Maybe the monkey gets the attention for a cause that may be way worse in others than my case. 

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Lead By Example

My youngest son showing off his most angry face! Anger comes in many forms.

My youngest son showing off his most angry face! Anger comes in many forms.

The title of this post says it all. This past year, I have been very angry. Sharing about my hurts, losses, and disappointments, I noticed something very interesting was happening. The more angry I got, the less others could help me see past the anger. My friends got angry too!
The pattern was simply that friends/family wanted to help, but they too were taken in with the conflicts. Family and friends had interesting ways of showing me how to handle my battle. They even offered to do the fighting for me although unorthodox (it could be a post all in its own)….BUT… I began to realize the anger was getting me no where.
So I began changing course and followed great advice from my aunt that offered it to me about a month ago. It was to let it all go. That’s right– Let all the anger GO!! Simple, isn’t it? I guess I finally was at that point too when she and I spoke. Your state of mind is powerful.
As I do this, I know my lead will bring peace and love and it will show an example worth following.
As some of you start the new year–may your heart and mind be in a good place. I feel better all ready! Lead by example. You never know who is watching.