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Living In A Bubble

A man chooses to walk out in a dangerous area of the North shore of Oahu.

I live in a bubble at times.  We all do.  It’s human nature.  Reflecting about my time in Hawaii makes me feel free in my spirit and safe. I love tropical climates. I am sure the fact I lived here for several years attributes to these feelings. In the above photo, I enjoyed viewing this man who seemed to feel free getting close to the waves. Water is peaceful even when we know it’s dangerous…

Stumbling along in this life is not what we were intended to do.  We have purpose.  When given the opportunity ,  I can feel music in my body and dance the night away. 

I have done that . Those nights of dancing  can be so much fun. I am in control and enjoy myself in the rhythm. Music can control the mind. I wonder how much fun this surfer was experiencing on his longboard as he allowed the waves to control him as he surfed the direction the ocean was taking him. 

Our mental state can take over our physical state.  For example, if we hurt ( brain talking to us) we may take a pill to help this brain state.  My chronic pain was so much better in the warm climate . 

Enjoying Hawaii is always a spiritual uplifting experience for me. Hawaii is a benchmark for me getting in touch with my spiritual self.

It’s amazing to me when folks argue that their conscious can not accept faith or theology. The idea of science enters the picture and is integral to mankind , but it can not explain my conscious state nor yours. It just can not know the subjective.

We human persons are more than the sum of our parts.  We have spirits that have the ability to think , feel, and can make conscious decisions. Respecting each other’s  life decisions may mean we need to climb out of our bubble once in awhile.  I know I do. Do you?  Living in pain chronically makes me think on spiritual ideals as this post conveys.  So much crisis and turmoil fill up our world these days. Sometimes removing our bubble can bring clarity.  

Credit: google and the others pictures were taken solely by Alesiablogs

Shopping In Hawaii

Where in the World has Alesiablogs gone now?

My girlfriend caught me telling her, "No more pictures please!"  She laughted at this photo so I thought I better share.

My girlfriend caught me telling her, “No more pictures please!” She laughted at this photo so I thought I better share.

So I guess you know where I am at..right???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Now to my blog post…..

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A Hoarse Blogging Voice

Linus contemplates his blogging voice's next big post!

Linus contemplates his blogging voice’s next big post!

Every time I watch my favorite sports team play, I have a tendency to get overzealous and my voice go hoarse. It hit me that my husky, raucous, and guttural voice that takes place of my normal one is not strong any longer, but a weak form of what was once there.

Is this what we do in our blogging at times? Is it that my voice may come across too strong or too opinionated? At other times, my blog may become weak because I do not tackle the blogging topic with full veracity. Truth for me though may not be the same truth for another. Yet we all know that there are universal truths in our world.

After taking a break from the daily blogging world the last 2 months , I have come to realize I prefer to allow myself freedom to write as I choose. As an individual I am as complex as they come. This brings for interesting thoughts that flow in my head and scream to come out. It is in my blogging I can find voice, yet learn to tame it so I do not go hoarse. You would think going gusto for the team and screaming with all your might for them to win is an awesome thing. I suppose it is, but at the end of the game and may I add at the end of this game we call life, does that hoarse voice show strength or weakness? All I know is that my throat could do well to have a throat lozenge just about now.

Happy Blogging Friends.

The Boston Marathon’s Other Story

Simply put the horrific bombings of the Boston Marathon will never be forgotten. What many of us can not seem to get over is the senseless act of these terrorists. Did you ever think to wonder what the news would have been like if the bombings had not occurred? While walking yesterday with my fitness trainer, I was privy to a story not too many folks got to hear and it is worthy of noting.

The Boston Marathon was an exciting event for approximately 30,000 folks that ran it. Many of them were running for the very first time. My fitness instructor was one of those first timers. Her story is probably like so many others. She flew from out-of-state which just so happened to be my home state of Washington to run in the most prestigious event that one can imagine.

Becci told me she was thrilled beyond words to have been there and in fact at one point before the race began, she had to sit down to gather her composure as she was so overtaken with emotion. She had dreamt of being a part of this race for a very long time.

Arriving early for the race, Becci and her husband took in some of the sights of Boston. She had never been to the Atlantic Ocean. It was a mesmerizing experience for her. A better part of her weekend was mentally getting prepared for the race. She and her husband drove to where the starting line and the finish line would be at. The starting line was in a small town. On the actual day of the Boston Marathon, Becci was amazed at the organization of the event and how many police officers she saw all over the streets with volunteers at every checkpoint you could even imagine.

The only complaint Becci had was that the line to go to the bathroom at one point was way too long and it took almost an hour to just pee before the race began.
The contestants started their race in stages. She began her race in the wrong group by accident and was for her pace in a slower crowd. Becci actually had to weave in and out of the contestants as they were running too slow for her. She figured out that she actually tacked on quite a bit more running because of the side to side jogging of going in and around other runners.

As Becci was approaching the finish line, she went across with an exhilaration that perhaps she had never felt before. She looked for her husband and then they went together a short distance from the finish line to receive her medal. It was only 10 short minutes later that the first bomb went off. Someone yelled it is only a transformer. Twenty seconds later the second bomb went off. Becci’s husband said, “That was no transformer!” At this point they both decided to try to leave and get back to their hotel. They noticed people were beginning to run in shere pandemonium.

My fitness instructor’s cell began to go off crazy with one phone call after another of people asking if they were all right. They were able to share with family and their three children that they were fine. Then there was silence. No more cell reception for anyone. The fear was that the bombers might detonate another bomb from a cell phone.

What began as sheer beauty and joy for Becci turned into a nightmare for many. Luckily my friend and trainer came home safely to her family. She had her medal and was so proud of it. I said to her, “If you had not been weaving side to side between other runners, you could have been crossing the finish line right around when the bombs went off.” Becci looked at me and said, “You are absolutely right.”

Without a doubt this was a horrible day for runners. Yet there is a resilience in a runner like Becci. She is thinking of going back next year. She said, ” When you tell a runner they can not do something, they want to prove you wrong.”

Yes. Becci. I think you and many other runners will do just that next year. Terrorists are not the story here. It is the accomplishments of so many that dreamed of going over that finish line in Boston for the very first time. There were probably 4500 folks that did not get a chance to cross the line according to Becci, but in my mind they are all winners. You can not stop the dream of someone with big aspirations. I mean NO ONE!

Captured By Your Presence

Dedicated To My Sons:

In a yearning desire to bring my happy and sentimental past to life again, my family traveled with me to my childhood world of Hawaii for my 50th birthday. Such nostalgia is easily brought back to my inner being as my sons experienced my old life. They too were “plunged” into instant gratification of a world they may have never known if not for my insistence to vacation there.

It is with wonder bringing dreams come true for me to be with my kids in Hawaii. Living in Hawaii for four years as a young person with my own parents was the epitome of pure joy. How can you describe something to someone else unless they experienced it themselves?

Immersing my life’s past to my children’s’ present time in Hawaii makes for a true experience now merged forever.

Showing a whole new world to them is like painting on canvas. The artist’s strokes begin with a lone girl enjoying the sand on the beach. As the artist’s rendition begins to evolve, two other figures are captured in the drawing. They are my own boys on each side of me laughing with love that comes through with each stroke of the artist’s handiwork.

This life can only get better as merging a past with its present brings on amazing memories into the future.




Bloggers And Their Words

Writing Tip: Be comfortable blogger while you writing.

Writing Tip: Be comfortable blogger while you writing.

The blogging world is like going to the movies. Some blogs are masterpieces. Others are full of such intelligent writing they bring pure joy. Occasionally there may be the dud. However my heart can be so glad for the reading experience dud or not because I am alive and learning.
Bloggers and their words can be absorbing. What does it take to be such a great blogger? Blogger if you are serious the first step is to stay in the game. Allow yourself to be taken away in your writing to make your dreams of authorship become reality. Make your writing a part of you so it becomes a memory forever that you have.
Bloggers and their words are important. The audience should not be taken for granted. Never is it good for writing to be like nails on a chalkboard. Perhaps that means in the seclusion of your home while you are writing, a newness and a freshness must be envisioned. Do not be afraid to share your heart. Opening yourself and telling your experiences is cathartic and possibly may be exactly what your reader needs. Bloggers and their words are powerful.


As the old saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. This proverb is as old as time practically and has a connotation of referring that we enjoy safety with others that are like minded.
What about friendship? Do we tend to migrate to those that are similar to us? My husband likes to say I make friends easily. I actually think what he is really saying is I have good communication skills. Part of me says that there is truth in that, but most healthy life long friendships take a very long time to cultivate. They are worth it, but they are risky at times. When you make yourself vulnerable to another, you are saying to that friend that they are worth the investment. Most of these kind of investments will reap you rewards. As a financial friend of mine would say a good friendship will be full of big dividends for a lifetime.
As I have studied the wonder of friendship this past week, I have seen my son lose his best friend. It made me realize how short of time we have on this earth and we better make each moment count. I have of late not been the best of friends and have come to a place that I needed to work on being more honest in my conversations and also reaching out and asking for help.
What I think I have been learning is to accept that the human spirit has flaws , defects, and blemishes. In all reality I was actually identifying these issues in my own person. Now that is heavy.
So today I am relearning a big lesson about myself. I need help and at times this comes straight from the Divine who is our best friend. It is easy to think all we need are good human friendships to share all our problems with. The truth is friendships will suffer if we place too much on our friends to bear. This is for God alone.
In reality healthy friendships will grow and not short circuit when we learn the gift of how friendship shouId really look like. If God forgives us, we should learn to forgive our friends. We should not take our friendships for granted. I love Proverbs 17:9 which reminds us love grows when we choose to forgive, but if we dwell on it the best of friends will become separated.