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Bible Thumping Linus

Nature is very meaningful to me and I know God is among the trees and animals in nature. If you get this in email form, please be sure to click into my blog today as I have SNOW falling right now!  It is so cool.

Today, Linus my precious dog reminded me (note photos below) to make sure I share with my followers that I do wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.   I know that many of you have different faiths and I actually enjoy reading what many of my blogs I follow say about their life and their belief system.  My belief is Bible based and I truly love the story of Christ the Child.  Growing up Lutheran, I received a firm foundation in my belief but never really committed to my faith until I was just about grown up.  I will be honest with you about my current state of faith and mind.  I do not feel like I have any.  Yet I do not go by my feelings.  Today is a reminder that all of us should love one another, take care of the sick, feed the poor, and lift up those in need.  This is truly what Jesus the Christ did in His ministry on earth. Where ever you are I hope you will enjoy how my nature around me reminds me of my faith.  I am usually kind of silly so enjoy these photos taken with my Panasonic DMC-ZR1 in that spirit:2012-12-06 14.22.39

Linus Sleeping on my Bible. He has been like this for an hour!

Linus Sleeping on my Bible. He has been like this for an hour!


Bird Watching

Bird Watching



Linus Praying

Linus Praying!

Seattle On Tour- A Unique Perspective

Today’s installment begins a fresh series of tours and great spots to stop in various cities I have been lucky to venture into.  It seems fitting to start in my hometown of Seattle.  I have lived here for more then 20 years and I believe it is one of the most incredible cities that everyone should go to once in their lifetime.  Come along as I show you around with the help of you guessed it – Linus.  If any of you have been following me in the last 2 weeks, I have highlighted this little Seattleite as my very special friend that sticks closer then a brother.  Well here he is again- Hanging out with me and now you too.  Enjoy my photos.  They were taken with my Panasonic DMC-ZR1:

Linus-I am really trying to show my friends from out of state about our great city Seattle. Oh- YOU want me to tell them to go eat at IVAR’s in Seattle. It should be a must stop for any tourist!

This is the Fremont Troll. Linus thinks it would be a great stopping point in the Fremont District of Seattle. I agree.

Seattle Spaceneedle – the LANDMARK of our great city all 604 feet of it! I highly recommend going up only if it is sunny! The view would be spectacular.

Snoqualmie Falls. It was highlighted in the TV series TWIN PEAKS. Great place for a picnic lunch Linus states! He has been there and he should know!

Mom- I am really getting tired. Lets do another round of photos for our followers tomorrow. Your Son, Linus!

Mom- Really you can share more photos tomorrow. I need the computer!
This is my son in 2008 on a modeling shoot. I do not take credit for this fantastic shot, but I do take credit that this is my fabulous son Elijah!

Thanks for stopping by.  I plan to share more photos from Seattle and other places I have had the great joy of visiting in my journey that we call life.

NapbloPoMo Rocks for Linus

Thank you readers so much for acknowledging my dog and the Gift he has been to this broken woman in my earlier post. Enjoy a few more great shots of him as he is quite handsome!

20121114-210349.jpg  This is Linus after smoking some weed.

20121114-210440.jpg This is Linus after smoking some weed.

20121114-210530.jpgThis is Linus after smoking some weed.

20121114-210554.jpgThis is Linus asking for more weed.


And that concludes another set of great photos I took of Linus here in Seattle where we make our HOME! FROM your friends,

Snoopy, Linus, and Alesia

NaBloPoMo Meet My Dog Linus

I love that term NaBloPoMo.  It is getting me in the groove of writing. What a cool word to rejuvenate those creative writing juices and find the essence of why I want to write.  Partly it is to please my readers, but also it is important to me to tell a story.  A part of my story involves someone I want you to meet. It is my very dear friend Linus.  Linus sticks to me closer than a brother.  He is the love of my life.

That might be alittle dramatic, but when you see his photographs and understand what Linus has meant to me- you will get it! Linus came to my home in a cardboard box almost 13 years ago.  He was suppose to have been our sons’ best friend, but as fate would have it he became a mama’s boy. You guessed it!  Linus is a dog.  The last couple of years I suffered major medical problems.  I had a rather large brain tumor that thankfully was removed last year.  I ended up in the hospital for three weeks after it was removed and had months of rehabilitation as  I suffered a stroke and many complications.  When I arrived home, it was as if Linus knew I had went through the ringer.  He almost never leaves my side now.  He looks for me in the shower by putting his nose through the curtain.  He cuddles next to me anytime he can get and finds me within a couple of minutes if I have left one room to go to another. Animals are special indeed. He was healing to me and love all wrapped up in FUR!!  Here are some of my favorite photos of him I have taken with my Panasonic DMC-ZR1 or my Ipad 3 with Instagram:

Linus ready to cuddle- an English Springer

Linus and your blogger. He still wants to stay near me and cuddle. This was taken during recovery of my surgery.

Linus on the Beach!

Linus showing off!