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Locked In!

Finding mutually agreed upon family activities that cause you to get some exercise has been a goal for my husband and I over the last 3 years. When you add in the fact that the activity of choice needs to meet our son Luke’s criteria as fun and worthwhile, it becomes tricky. Luke has AUTISM and we have learned over the years that not too much interests him when it comes to outdoors. Joyfully, I can report that we believe snowshoeing has won over Luke’s heart and today as we drove up to Mt. Baker National Forest, we prepared ourselves for a wonderful family outing. So as we got locked in our snow shoes we walked along one of the many trails offered. I could not help to think how peaceful of a time we had. We were all alone. As is typical I am behind everyone else as my husband and sons snowshoe together. They kept looking at me to make sure I was still in sight which is pretty cute to me. My gait on the left side of my body is off slightly from a small stroke I recovered from so you could say I am slow. In some ways it was nice to be alone as I noted the sounds of nature around me. I had the distinct pleasure of enjoying the soft sounds of snowflakes coming down, the distant roar of the river, and last but not least the crunching sound of the snow under my snowshoes. I was reminded in my heart of no sound of voice is heard at all. I hope many times when I am alone I would hear the voice of God Himself though. It is than I realize it is not meant to be. Rather God is showing himself through nature itself as I quietly walk along with a smile in my heart for no one to see, but only God to know. It is than I hear my younger son as I approached the jeep after our walk saying, “Mom did you see Luke just about running back to the car in those snowshoes? You would think he has somewhere to be.” I laughed and thought to myself we all think we have somewhere to be when we should be content right where we are at.

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