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1911 lynching victims that were mother and son. You will see their monuments in the slide below. photo credit: google.

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice  or Lynching Museum was inspired from the Apartheid Museum   and  the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.  It was founded by the Equal Justice Initiative and its creator Bryan Stevenson.  Its location is in the Deep South in Montgomery , Alabama.

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Timberline Lodge: A Unique Perspective

Here are some photos from Mt. Hood and Timberline Lodge. The reason I wanted to share my photos with you are for historical purposes as well as beauty. This lodge was built during the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Era when he created the WPA ( Public Works Program). During the depression of the 1930’s many people found jobs through his back to work initiatives. Government can do good things as this program created eight million jobs. Many were for unskilled work, but I think it is possible we might could take some lessons from this and figure out how to help America in our current climate creating jobs. My family and I spent a lovely time up here. For additional information on FDR and the building of America in the 1930’s check this link out: