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I was born on Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama. We left when I was six months old. My parents weren’t from Alabama. When dad retired from the army, we moved back from Hawaii in the 70’s. Last week, I celebrated my 54th birthday here for the first time in 25 years.  I wonder what has changed in all those years.

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img_3495In 2013, several environmental groups sued BNSF Railway for polluting waterways in Washington State.  I was watching this case closely and wondered if the elections would have an impact.  I am quite certain it did.

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imageI woke up hoping for a sign. I am always happy for an indication of His beauty. Can it be through the simplicity or the most intricate of detail? Continue reading

Golden Gardens And Shilshole Bay

       I spent a great day on the Puget Sound in the Ballard neighborhood .  If you are in the Seattle area for vacation, I would recommend visiting this area and taking a stroll along the marina.  Many different birds migrate to this area and this part of Seattle is also known for a large intake of folks from Norway!! Thank you Leif Erikson who actually came upon our shores 500 years before Columbus.





    Birding Around

    Thank you to my classmate and ornithologist  Dr. Jeff Harris  for his input to this post:

    Birding is a strange activity.  There are some who consider it a highly competitive sport.  For example,  who will see the most species in one place for a year.  Some ornithologists think this is a negative way to look at birding.  To them , birding is a way to get out in nature and find critters they love.

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    Arizona On My Mind! 

    The break is broken on WordPress!  I could not help to share some of the tranquil scenery that I have encountered. I came down to Arizona for spring training for my baseball team.  I think I may be falling in love with a Newport of America. I recently expressed to a friend that I do not need to leave America to vacation anymore.  This sure is proof, but I know I would go anywhere if the timing was right!