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The Art of Letter Writing: WWII’s German War Bride Excerpt II

Our letter writer as a teenager preparing for her confirmation in the church. circa:  ~1920.

Our letter writer as a teenager preparing for her confirmation in the church. circa: ~1920.

The initial introduction of the German war bride was shared with great anticipation last week on my blog. Today’s post has one idea in mind.  It is to introduce that young bride.   When receiving an overview of these letters, I spoke at length to her daughter.  It is with great appreciation and her understanding of her mother I bring her to life.  Here are some of her words about her mom:

“I can’t imagine the heartbreak, the shattered dreams and the deep despair which must have been a part of her young life.  After five years of marriage, her husband is sent off into a senseless war. Many brave young men were lost due to a crazed madman’s atrocious notion and his inhumane methods of achieving a “pure German race.” Thousands of young widows became living monuments to the German people.  They persevered in surviving Hitler’s insanity.   They did this by keeping their family together and raising their children with good solid foundation and roots……My Mom was one those women….”

Letters of a German bride-excerpt two from March 14, 1940, 8 pm:

( Historical fact about this time frame in the war is that  Adolf Hitler was planning his invasion of Norway and Denmark.  The Swedish government permitted German troops to travel its railroads to Norway in June 1940, and to transport a whole division from Norway to Finland for its invasion of the Soviet Union.   This German War Bride’s husband was sent to Norway during this time of the war.  I will speak more of his duties on another post)

“…..You know, your mom’s letter was so sad and cut deep into my soul. Just think, a mother raises a child with all her love and care until he is grown. Then she must send him off to war, and all her heart and riches are within that child, blown away with the wind, like a flower in a storm.  Oh, life can be so cruel. Please, calm her aching heart, Willy, so she will find some peace.  A little card to her will let her know you are all right, you will find time for a little card, won’t you?  My dearest Willy, my only love! My heart yearns and misses you so much.  I can’t wait until Easter. Sometimes I am overcome with the desire to see you, I am tempted to take my child and hurry through the night and wind to you and into your arms. But this idea is so absurd, and then I feel so insignificant and small at the same time. I must remind myself to accept the fate that keeps us apart,  and the fact that I can change nothing. We must trust God, that everything will turn out all right. I love you so much, my dearest Willy, like no other person in the world. My heart belongs to you and my child. For you two my heart beats and bears the pain …until the morning dew appears, a small star still twinkles in the morning sky,  and you have been in my dreams all through the long and lonely night….”

Part I can be read here: