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25th Anniversary


It doesn’t surprise me that I would think of my wedding day even though I am not in that relationship anymore. It was a two decade relationship and will be a lasting impression on my soul and spirit.

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The Case Of The Missing Bird Seed Of Epic Proportion


Squirrel:  brain thought : It is time!  She is not looking! 

Squirrel:  brain thought: She just thinks I am freezing! I have nothing in my paws!

Squirrel :  brain thought:  OK. I will just look cute and she want yell at me!!

Squirrel : brain thought:  I better drop a few. Look innocent and give her my please feel sorry for me look! 


Squirrel:  brain thought: OK. She is not buying my it. Time for an escape plan. 

Squirrel :  brain thought:  Hey wait. She is a dummy and just taking my picture. Hmmm. I should have put some makeup on and brushed my tail. Hey lady – I will be back , but could you fill up the bird feeders. They are a little low. 

Celebrate: Earth, Ocean, And Whales

Earth and all its beauty have always mesmerized me.  The waters that surround our world especially bring me calmness in my soul.  Looking out toward the ocean is so comforting, yet we all know how fast a storm can change the seas.  I wonder what whales think of the storms? Come see for yourself.

While standing at the edge of the railing of the boat, this whale suddenly made his appearance!

While standing at the edge of the railing of the boat, this whale suddenly made his appearance!

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Baby Humpback Whale Flips Out!

I honestly could not stop thinking about Jonah and the Whale while boating out to sea, but to my surprise I never thought I would see a baby Humpback that could grow up to swallow Jonah! Today’s photos are from that encounter.   I soon forgot about Jonah and wondered if Alesia would survive this amazing spectacle as the boat rocked from side to side.

On approach, it looked like milk on the baby, but it was his other fin.

On approach, it looked like milk on the baby.  What do you think?

As our capable Captain approached slowly, he explained to his excited guests that underneath the baby was his mother.  Mama whale was there to teach, protect, feed, and enjoy her offspring.  She could be approached by an aggressive male whale who was interested in mating, however, mama whale made it clear to the male to knock it off!!!  Baby came first!

Look at those baby parts on the whale we encountered.

Look at those baby parts on the whale we encountered.

We saw many breaches of whales right before spotting this precious one, but I felt compelled to share his story.  The captain slowly approached while explaining how baby whales are born in the winter time on Maui’s coast.  The tour guide also made sure to add that no one has ever witnessed a birth of a baby whale!  I was quite surprised with the fact that a live birth was still a mystery to the scientific community.

Continual rotating in the water to look at his mama under him.

Continual rotating in the water was normal so he could  look at his mama under him.

Our baby humpback whale story was one of playfulness.   As I explained earlier,  we were told without a shadow of a doubt his mama was right underneath him the entire time teaching him to maneuver, protecting him from predators, and feeding him!  Now its time for you to look at the photos.  Here’s a secret.  He was showing off to his boat guests and his mama by flipping over and over again in the water.  He was on his back a whole lot because he wanted to be looking at his mama most of the time!!!  That’s a baby for you!




Death Is No Big Deal As Told By Our Dog Linus:

I was not afraid to go.
No siree.
I was not sure about the Path.
But off I had to be.
I know tears might come.
But try not to cry for me.
I had a great earthly journey and
more fun than can be. Luke and Elijah
you are my pals from here to eternity.

I am now resting quietly on a gentle cloud.
Believe me, I am barking out LOUD!!!!
Just you boys remember to live joyfully.
I will be fine In Heaven’s Glory. Just
wait and one day you too will see.

Dedicated to all who have lost a pet. You too will see….


Oh Those Eyes!

Oh Those Eyes!

LINUS! It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

14th Thanksgiving with this fella has been a joy! Spine going out, but he lifts his legs one more Thanksgiving for me by the stove! Love this fella and all dogs on earth as well as Heaven!

Mom is pulling the food out!!!

Mom is pulling the food out!!!

Rascal-Oh how I miss you! He lived to be 16!

Rascal-Oh how I miss you! He lived to be 16!

Am I Bionic?

It was the sound of scratching nails getting louder and louder. Then silence. Moments later, a small whimper began.
Lying down on my bed sleeping, I flinched realizing what I was hearing.
Quickly standing up from a deep sleep, I saw my dog Linus stuck under my bed. All I could think about doing is pulling him out. I had never seen him do this before.
It is not unusual for Linus to sleep at the side of my bed. Although, He must have moved in his sleep to get himself trapped under it.
I tried pulling him out unsuccessfully. Realizing the weight of the bed was on my dog’s back, I lifted the bed frame up. No easy task for someone in my physical shape, but it was the only way to pull him out.
After coming out from under the bed, Linus could not seem to hold up his own body weight. Suddenly to my relief, Linus managed to pull himself up.
Feeling nauseated from lifting the bed and the ensuing pain I felt in my head and back, I laid down quickly praying for relief.
Not quite awake, I thought to myself, “What just happened?” However, relieved that my dog was Ok and my pain subsiding, I drifted back to sleep.
beep…beep…beep…My alarm wakes me. Time to go to church.
Leaving the house, I eyed Linus sleeping on his own bed. Quietly I thanked God he was not hurt.
I wondered where my strength came from. It was crazy to me that I could lift the bed up.
To my surprise, the pastor spoke about, “You’re stronger than you think.” As the pastor was wrapping up his message, I could not help but smile knowing God must have given me a supernatural ability to help my pet when he needed me the most. God does indeed use the weak. In fact, it seems many times God uses the smallest of things to His Glory. My own strength certainly fits the bill.

Winterizing My Dog

Linus has slowed down. He is alert and knows who I am, but just doing what all of us will do and that is age. It came down to the fact I was in a position of listening to my inner self concerned of not letting Linus suffer. “He knows who I am!” I kept saying to myself.
Is this enough to keep a dog alive? Is it enough when they are in pain if indeed that is what is going on? To my relief after a veterinary visit and counsel, we decided to put Linus on some medicine to help his bones from aching and quite possibly getting him back to jumping around the house again. It has been a month on Carprofen and Tramadol for my baby and he is getting his MOJO back!
While some of you have been winterizing your homes, I have been winterizing my dog Linus. After all he is the best friend a girl could ask for: