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Butterfly Kisses

What an amazing adventure in the world of Butterflies. I believe I was touched by Heaven on this day. Enjoy a few photos from my experience in one of the nation’s largest tropical butterfly exhibit. The poetry of life is exhibited in the changing life cycles of the butterfly::


Celebrating ourselves as women is so important.   It is easy to forget about doing something just for you. Recently I began treating myself to manicures.  It is a great feeling to be pampered especially if you have been like me and really not done much of that while raising children.  One of my biggest decisions now is if I should let my hair grow out. So I would really like a few of you to laugh a long with me at some fun photos during my life time and if you see a certain hair style that stands out that I should go back to PLEASE let me know….Just remember I can not go back to being 10 years old….haha