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Junk Yard Junkie

Traveling 35 mph down a familiar street, I noticed from the right a silver vehicle rapidly approaching the intersection in front of me. As I ponder to tell you this story, this car and its passengers, a young mother and her baby, had no idea what was about to happen to them. She had just ran a stop sign and was headed right into ongoing traffic. This traffic was me and my car! Within a split millisecond, my car T-BONED her vehicle. I hit her driver’s side door and the rear door.
They say that a blink of an eye is 300 milliseconds. It is also known the brain recognizes human emotion in 200 milliseconds. What I know is that my quick reaction from my brain talking to my feet to hitting the brakes was definitely some form of a millisecond. Thank God for quick reactions.
Within the context of pumping my brakes before impact, the next thing I saw was this car being hit by mine. My air bags deployed simultaneously and then our cars went into 360 degree spins. When all was said and done our cars were right next to each other like we had parked them on purpose that way. The only difference is that I had toxic fumes and smoke bellowing in my front seat and she looked hunched over her steering wheel. WE also knocked down three whole sections of a fence on someone’s residential property.
Injuries did occur to me and I will talk more about those on my next blog post. According to the mother in the other car, she and her baby were fine. This is indeed a miracle! Take a look at my car photos in the junk yard to get a full view of the damages to my vehicle. It is sad to say, but my car appears totaled. I will get formal notice tomorrow if it is and that means car shopping.