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Victoria, Canada on Display

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy some photos with my Nikon. If you are looking for a lovely vacation getaway, Victoria, BC may be just the right town for you. Many of us who do live in the Pacific NW enjoy visiting this city by land, boat, or air. This trip was by boat. I think I have captured a great feel for the city in these shots.

High Tea

High Tea is a must when visiting Victoria. The grand tea room, with the fine china and portraits of Queen Elizabeth’s grand parents hanging on the walls made for authenticity. There is also a beautiful view of the harbor to look out at that inspires one to relax and enjoy the ambience.
The tea service included finger sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, and a tray of various desserts. It was such a treat! See for yourself:

Victoria, BC Act II

Photography brings to life my recent trip to Victoria, BC. Queen Elizabeth is the ruling monarchy of BC.: