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Can We Talk?

Can we talk about autism? Or better yet the impact of autism on an individual? My son Luke is now an adult. His disability affects him in many ways.


While on a fun trip downtown to Seattle, Luke always enjoys the sights and sounds surrounding him.  As his mom, I can notice when he feels overwhelmed. It is in those times we have to slow him down.

At home he will lay around, but it is not his usual. Luke likes pacing. I am sure this is genetic! His dad and brother do the same!  If we do not put the pause button on Luke, however, his brain will go into overdrive.  This causes him extreme stress. As family we notice this. Others will not recognize the symptoms as easily.

Luke’s care providers know this about him too, but it took a lot of training. Being a provider for Luke can hold special circumstances due to Luke’s strength. 

Can we talk about that strength of Luke’s?  I swear you would think he was the Incredible Hulk. He has broken so many things when he is upset. I decided long ago pretty things in my home weren’t important any longer ! 

Can you talk now and tell me – are you able to let go and not get upset if you lose every material possession you find precious to you ? I learned long ago I could. 

Abandonment and Group Homes

So much of life is a turmoil, but today is a day to celebrate. My oldest son Luke with autism turns 21! Luke has issues with cognitive dis-control as the doctors like to call it. He is unable at times to stop his emotions from going on overdrive. He can be violent.
Today on his 21st birthday, though, Luke is very happy. I love days like this. He is happy. I am happy.
These days are far and in between to be honest with you. As a survivor of cancer and a brain tumor myself, Luke and I have been through our share of trauma.
Through the years, I have been what I hope is the best mom I could be for Luke. I will continue, but the time has come to allow Luke to spread his wings.
It is with sadness that I know I can not continue to take care of him much longer.
Does this mean I am abandoning Luke? No. Of course not. There is no way I would ever leave Luke. He will always be a part of me. I hope that by Luke being taken care of by others, I can then take better care of myself, thus being THERE for Luke for many more years to come. Life is a constant whirl of change. Change does not mean abandonment. I have a few photos of a place I had hoped could become a future home for Luke, but state laws do dictate supported living or what homes can become group homes. For now, these photos are a home owned by Luke’s family that we hope to have Luke live in. More photos of this historic home, can be seen also on previous blog posts. Happy birthday Luke. From Mom who loves you more than life itself!