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American Robins Feast Off My Northwest Pacific Madrona Trees!

It is quite a site to watch my backyard turn into a bird paradise.  I wish you could hear the sounds of the seeds dropping in my yard as more than 100 birds converge onto my trees berries! Amazing!  Open the photos to get a closer look!

Fair Weather

At times you struggle in life and so does nature. For you see the mood in the air each day. As nature speaks out, “What shall I do today?” The photographer goes behind to see the result. On a recent walk through a familiar area that I live near, my camera captures the season upon us as a neighbor gladly rakes the most beautiful leaves to mulch in his garden not so far away. He states to me, “This is a photographer’s paradise. No more beautiful street than ours is there?” I say back, “No. No other. As I snap a few more photos. Enjoy: