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The Ferry

The leaves had turned and within six weeks Christmas would have come and gone. Rolling my suitcase off the bus toward the slippery Seattle street in good spirits, my eyes glistening with excitement, I focused on the ocean within my view. After all it was Thanksgiving and my friend promised a wonderful meal for the holidays. What she would do for me is what I had done for her over the years, as my memories conjured up my kitchen with savory smells that my taste buds couldn’t wait for again.

Manhandling my heavy luggage, staring at the lights dancing off the buildings near the Puget Sound’s emerald waters, I could see the Bremerton Ferry awaiting for me. I arrived a couple of hours early bought my fare and rested on a construction site zone bench, where waiting for my friend to arrive was my goal.

Time went by rapidly, but it had been some time before I heard from her and all to knowing work at the hospital was the culprit. Not a surprise and it did not bother me in the least.

The ferry dock information lady stared at me as I asked her a question.

“Where is the best clam chowder?”

Undeniably she said pointing to Ivars, “right there!”

Yes. Of course.

Suitcase in tow, I decided best to get a bite. It was a good thing as my two hour wait turned to four. What was so interesting besides being physically tired, I enjoyed every minute of that beautiful scenery as dark got darker and the afternoon turned to evening.

It was late, but she arrived and off we went from the ferry to her car parked on the other side of the sound. Driving those dark roads, we reminisced of days gone by and how we both loved the tall pine and fir trees in our view as we weaved the curved asphalt road. I was mesmerized by this part of earth I call home. Yet a part of me was lonely. It was my first Thanksgiving without my sons in 25 years.

When we arrived at my girlfriend’s home, she announced,

“Would you be OK if we have our Thanksgiving meal on Friday?”

Studying her tired face and all to knowing that feeling I made sure to remind her the most important part of hanging out was that we weren’t alone. She smiled and agreed.

Long before she and I would find ourselves together this night, I could not help to think long before in the heavenly it was decided how we would be a help to each other in the present. No Thanksgiving meal on the actual holiday, but my day would not be spent alone and the ferry made sure of that.

LINUS! It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

14th Thanksgiving with this fella has been a joy! Spine going out, but he lifts his legs one more Thanksgiving for me by the stove! Love this fella and all dogs on earth as well as Heaven!

Mom is pulling the food out!!!

Mom is pulling the food out!!!

Rascal-Oh how I miss you! He lived to be 16!

Rascal-Oh how I miss you! He lived to be 16!

Accepting What You Cannot Change

The Winter Season is known to bring depression. I hope my photo shows you hope in the midst of yours as it does mine.

The Winter Season is known to bring depression. I hope my photo shows you hope in the midst of yours as it does mine.

My grandmother had a saying that just about sums up how I have felt this week. She would say, “I think I am gonna crawl into a hole and pull in the hole after me.” She lived her whole life in Western Kentucky and died when she was about 80 years old thirty years ago.
Grandmother could be a strange woman, but I know I only saw love from her. She cooked the best butter biscuits and fried chicken a little girl could ever want!
Yet, it seemed to me she suffered at times from depression. I do not know if she was ever clinically diagnosed with it, but I do wonder now about it. But you know one thing I do know is she loved me more than life itself and that was for real. Thank you grandmother.
As I struggle with the angst of my life during a season that we should be thankful, I must accept what I can not change. I recently wrote that my gut check times have become downright vomitus in nature. See this post to catch up: https://alesiablogs.wordpress.com/2013/11/15/acceptance/
I however at the time did not share about the separation I am going through with my husband of 22 years. What I tried to do is put on a good face with you to bring positive in my life when in reality it is not there.
One thing I must do though to move on from this timeframe is to accept what I can not change. We raised two beautiful sons and one of them you all know is Luke who has autism. My life’s journey brought many people through the doors of my home to assist me with him. This perhaps may have been more of a gift to humanity than I will ever really know.
Out of all the care providers that assisted me with Luke, I saw many of them leave our home and become professionals in the world of Teaching, Physical Therapy, Speech therapy, Psychologists, and last but not least Nursing. My life meant something and the lives touched have gone on to touch 100’s of others.
If you are suffering depression and you are reading my post today-know you are not alone. Your life matters. It really does. People come through your life everyday and you have no idea what you did to have made a difference. Remember it is at times the unseen that you are not aware of that is life changing.
Today I am thankful for you my reader. Happy Thanksgiving to my “blogging family” and especially those of you that really do take the time to read.
This post is dedicated to Myrtle who cooked many of my Thanksgiving meals when I was growing up.



One year ago I stopped wearing a watch.  I have worn it only once during a plane trip. During the year, I realized how freeing it was to not be on a time schedule. I began to even lose the desire of  wanting to know the time.  Yet now I reach a year out of taking off the ole ticker and come to realize how fast time has gone by.  How can it all ready be Thanksgiving?  Yet here it is upon us.

Capturing the silhouette of leafless trees in my backyard brings on thoughts of Thanksgiving and Winter approaching very soon.

One of the advantages I found was that I was learning a new way of living in the moment.  I was not stopping to look down at what time it is.  My memories were extended to be longer memories as I was in no hurry.  This is especially good when you are sharing your time with a friend.  As I reminisce of my memory with another I am transformed.  My memory of that memory is deeper. To be free of my watch allows me to transfix myself on others.  It is good to be absorbed in the moment with another human being.

Another awesome experience I can trace back to my watchless hand experiences is that I like to capture time if you will with my camera.  I am more keen on the seasons and the earth around me.  I realize we are days away from the traditional Thanksgiving meal.  I take photos of reminders of the season and am glad that I have freezed time for myself.  I have made an image of my own history tonight for you to view on these photos.

As the evening progresses on, I see the Majesty of the time through my lens. I am thankful to have spent the day with my family and new friends I met today.

Looking to these images makes me smile.  It is a capture of the time, although it can never come back, that is now a memory instilled in my mind through a photograph.  I have learned probably the most valuable lesson of all this Thanksgiving Season.. It is not to worry about the future.  I can not explain it, but something inside me is changing.  It transcends understanding. It is beyond understanding.  It is in God’s Hands.

My chair represents to me with all the leaves gone not so much an isolated area anymore. Perhaps it is a reminder for us to not allow ourselves to become isolated from others. Leave enough time for others to make a difference.

Thank you to all my readers that have stuck around to read my various posts touching on all kinds of themes.  I have 75 of you reading which I call a MILESTONE and from the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful.  I began 6 months ago writing and am so proud to belong to the WordPress community of writers.  This month I have bombarded you  more then usual as I became challenged with NaBloPoMo which inspired us all to write more this month.  I hope I have met the challenge with quality reading and imagery for you all to enjoy.  Until my next installment!