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Berlin: Who Are You?

D9B4BAB5-024D-4FB5-8FC3-8BDC021C1BABThirty years ago Berlin’s wall came down.  I was working in Germany when that happened from 1989-1992.  After a nightshift at the military hospital, I went home to watch the news on the Armed Forces Network.  It seemed surreal to visualize the East Germans and many others excitedly chiseling the stone wall away!

On my recent trip to Berlin, it was with the wall in mind that I began another day exploring my mother’s hometown.   In my last post , I gave the tip to spend at least two days in the Mitte area.  Tip two is to look at Berlin through the eyes of history.

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Traveling is about what you make of it. Being prepared is important. Five tips for efficient traveling are: 1. Bring an empty water bottle to get through security. You can fill it up after going through and not spend $10 for bottled water in the terminal. Airports have filtered water these days! (see image). 2. Keep your medicines with you at all times. Do not check them in! 3. Have your boarding pass and Driver’s license or passport within easy reach. After going through security, put your ID up where you always keep it so you do not lose it! The boarding pass will be needed at the gate so have that ready before boarding the plane. 4.For Heaven’s sake, buy a carry on suitcase with wheels that rotate and turn easily. My suitcase moves without having to lean it on its side. I find this a great asset for the ole back! 5. Be very nice to the person sitting near you. Who knows they may have to put an oxygen mask on you! But I hope not!!!!!