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Fitting In


Yes. That is me--over 40 years ago!!!

Yes. That is me–over 40 years ago!!!

I hope you will take a moment and find out why I started to blog initially and answer my question below. My blog has evolved tremendously in 2 years. If my words only assist one person to feel better about themselves, I say that one person was worth me writing for.

I am looking at writing more about a few issues and I wanted to share those with you and ask for your help in what you would like to see more from me. Here are the choices:

1. Medical Advice or commentary on medical issues from the perspective of my 30 year career as an RN.
2. Autism ( My 21 year old son was born with moderate to severe autism).
3. Cancer and my own medical story/Journey and how I have coped with my health.
4. Genealogy and my international roots I have uncovered on American soil as well as International soil.
5. Photography of nature and my take of life through photos.
6. RETRO 70’s post making fun and light of my childhood…( OK I must admit I love doing these kind of posts! )

Thanks for your input.

Getting Inside Your Brain

My son was so proud of this new book he got. Are we as proud of our own blogs like he is of his book?

My son was so proud of this new book he got. Are we as proud of our own blogs like he is of his book?

Good writing on my blog takes time. Actually the truth is sometimes it does not. Sharing of my own personal struggles with a brain tumor and having a son with autism typically make for interesting blogging. It has been easy to formulate my thoughts on these two subjects, and finding a niche in blogging and resonating with others has been a fascinating journey for me.

It has now been a year since Alesiablogs was created. Showing my various sides and moods has been prevalent throughout my writings. Thinking thoughtfully about a topic brings a richness to a subject. However, I have found my most popular posts ( if I judge it on likes and comments) can be the post that took me all of 20 minutes to write. Go Figure.

I am also keenly aware that my style of writing may be what draws someone in along with a subject that needs more light shined upon it. The crazy thing is that I am not an English teacher and have never done any formal writing.

Yet, I feel my voice makes a difference. IT is what brings me to your blog. It is your voice. It just recently hit me that I need to stop worrying about how many followers I have or views of my page. What does it matter? I am not trying to be commercially successful. In fact I could care less.

What do I care about then? I care about a life changed. I care about the young woman who has started to follow me because my words are helping her get through an abusive relationship. I care about the young man inspired by my experiences that is going through something similar like I did and is looking for answers.

I care about people.

So there is no catchy writing here for you to view most of the time. Many times I share from just the top surface of an issue so as to not get too personal about my problems, but it is in the depth I find you all. So depth I try to pursue. It is in these deep blog posts, that your comments flow. Realizing this makes me want to write even better. It makes me realize I am getting in side your brain.

So as I start my second year of blogging, it is my hope my writing would be worthy of you reading. I know your comments and your likes are all I have to go by for now. I value these, but wish there was another way to get graded. I need to clue you in on a little secret. I “like” my own posts routinely. After all I better like what I am sharing.