Genealogy At Your Fingertips

2012 proved to be my ROOTS moment. I began a constructive study of my ancestors that led to multiple hours of concentrated studies over the majority of this year. I am not exaggerating when I say I worked 16 hours a day in my efforts as time permitted. Most of that time came after the kids went to bed! Today I am going to highlight some of my blog posts that are based off these studies. I have many more stories. This is a good beginning and I hope you will enjoy what you read and come back for more in due time:

1. My first blog on a family ancestor that was a civil war vet.

2. This story is about my Kentucky ancestors.

3. This blogpost begins to show my increasing knowledge on genealogical research.

4. My favorite post on discovering an ancestor that I thought we would never find.

5. This shows how the 1940 census opened new doors for my research.

7. My husband’s DNA TEST RESULTS discussed.

7. This is who my kids are related to based off DNA STUDIES!

8. My favorite post on an ancestor of mine!

9.  OLD PHOTOS of SHIPS our ancestors traveled on when emigrating to the US.

12 thoughts on “Genealogy At Your Fingertips

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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Wow! Thank you. I look forward to a great year in writing. I had thought my only New Year’s Resolution was to lose weight , but I must add writing daily as a second one! I am humbled by this. Alesia



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