It Took 78 Years, But Siblings Meet For First Time!

Awhile ago I shared a heartwarming story about my WWII VET step-dad Roy and his celebration of his 90th birthday ( ). Roy grew up very poor and his parents divorced while he was a boy. Roy never knew when his real dad had passed away. One day he asked me if I could find this information out because of the release of the 1940 census. I was able to give Roy his father’s death date and burial location, but the biggest surprise was that we found out he had a half-brother, and a half-sister he did not know about. When you think you have heard it all life throws you a few new curve balls! We were fortunate to contact them both and plans were made for a reunion.
This reunion finally took place. Roy greeted his new found family today at his home with my mom. It was a joyous occasion . Seven family members came to meet Roy. Since this reunion occurred in Alabama , I was unable to attend, but I did receive a phone call from them thanking me for making their reunion possible. Below is a photo of Roy in the middle who is 90, George- 78, and June – 72. The second photo is Roy working with Governor George Wallace. The third photo is Roy during WW II and the fourth photo is Roy with my mother, sister, and her husband. Life never ceases to amaze me!





18 thoughts on “It Took 78 Years, But Siblings Meet For First Time!

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      I know! I am hoping the news media picks it up at some point. Roy is on the news and in the paper quite a bit all ready for being a POW etc. I am going to write up more info about this later. I was so excited yesterday so I had to share a short post on it now! Thank you for reading.


  1. darlenecraviotto

    This is a delightful story, and I’m so happy you left the link to it on my blog. You did something for Roy and his half-siblings that is called a “mitzvah” in Hebrew. It’s like a good deed, but only better. You should feel very proud, and happy for such a special reunion. Thanks for sharing this!



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