Recently I was asked what helps me come up with my ideas on what to write? As I was pondering that question, I was reminded of my devotion throughout my life to history. I started very young collecting stamps from everywhere in the world. As I look at my collection today, I realize each stamp opens up something very important from our past. Today I am going to share with you some stamps from my American collection dating back into the 1930’s up to about the 1970’s or so:

Exhibit 1:

Stamp display illustrates General Nathanial Greene along with some of our notable presidents from our past including Presidents Jefferson, Lincoln, Eisenhower, Jackson, Johnson, and Kennedy.


This first collection shows generals that played an important part in the freedom of our country including General Nathanial Greene. He alongside General George Washington helped to lead the fight toward our freedom in the Revolutionary War. This has become very near and dear to my heart as I just completed my application for joining the Daughter’s of the American Revolution (DAR). One of my ancestors served alongside General Washington at Valley Forge and also fought in a battle that General Greene was involved with. The two gentlemen in my direct genealogical line are Ebenezer Morse and Spencer Calvert. I will share about each of them later in individual posts devoted to each man.

You will also see a stamp for the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR). This stamp represents the union soldiers’ organization that was so strong that several of our presidents belonged to it before they were elected president.

Exhibit 2:

This collection is a representation of the importance of organizations and or occupations such as nursing that is near and dear to my heart as I am an RN. You will also notice the evolution of the stamps on disabilities in their wording. Today we would stay away from the word retarded, but in the past this is what was put on our stamp to bring acknowledgement of the folks that deal with disabilities. As a genealogist , I have seen the word dumb written on the enumeration sheets of census records.


Exhibit 3:

Next is a mailing I recieved in 1982 from President Ronald Reagan..I found out he was a great lover of history and writing and he proved it time and time again by journaling and writing letters like these. I can not tell you what it felt like when I opened this letter as a 19 year old who had just voted in her first election.

When Ronald Reagan’s Diaries were published in 2007 , I decided to look at it on the date when the letter above was written. The President noted he was involved with Christmas festivities. Also it was noted in his diaries was a continual theme of his caring personality for other americans as myself as well as his devotion to his family , God, and the power of prayer. Indeed I believe he was pleased to receive my letter as I was praying for him and our country and still do today.

Another thing that inspires me in my studys with genealogy and discovering my roots or helping others study are good books. Here are a few I am reading right now with my large stamp books full of historical stamps:

Also before I close, I want to mention a reunion is in the making for my step dad and his long lost family members he has never met. This is a reunion that has taken 78 years. We are hoping very soon to share pictures from that and quite possibly local news stations being involved with this extraordinary story of finding one’s relatives with the help of the 1940 census records.


5 thoughts on “Inspirations

  1. Dick Rethke

    Alesia I have an old stamp collection too. My third grade teacher got us interested and we sent away for first day of issue stamps. But I collected years ago and got the complete presidents collection. I have a bunch of old stamps but need to mount them in my albums. Dick


  2. Andrea

    My father collected stamps. I have no idea what he has though. I remember when I was kid seeing them soaking in water in the bathroom sink and drying on a piece of paper towel or TP. He used these little “tweezers” for placing them into sleeves that I used to play with. I know he had a subscription to Linn’s and even had a stamp company. They are still in numerous notebooks at the house. I will have to ask my mom what she knows about it.


  3. alesiablogs Post author

    Here is another recent email I received I would like to share from one of my fellow genealogists:

    Interesting about your father. I too, have a half-sister and half-brother than I never knew about until last year. My birth father was married a minimum of 7 times on 3 continents, so there could be more.





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