Autistic Man Brings Home First Paycheck!

Proud mom is sharing photo of my disabled son’s first paycheck given to him by his boss. My son assists in opening up Menchie’s Yogurt Shop with his job coach twice a week. I am very happy and grateful for the yogurt company supporting our disabled in the community. If you live near a Menchie–go buy some yogurt and tell them you are buying from them because they are giving jobs to folks with Autism.. Thank them with your pocket book..Would you as my friend? : )

Luke is placing the tables and chairs out as part of his job routine before the store opens for business.  GO LUKE!

Luke is placing the tables and chairs out as part of his job routine before the store opens for business. GO LUKE!


29 thoughts on “Autistic Man Brings Home First Paycheck!

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      It is like ice cream but much healthier!! We have them in the good ole US. Do you not have ice cream shops there????? The yogurt is sold by the weight and people can add any kind of topping. IT is YUMMY!!!

      1. Running Elk

        Not in these parts… lol They’ll probably arrive in about 5 years. (McDonalds only opened up about 12 years ago… 😉 ) Look forward to the day! 😀 xx

      2. alesiablogs Post author

        Talk about being far away!!!!! love it though…must be beautiful. My great uncle Kenneth McKellar was from Edinburgh. He just passed a way a couple of years ago. He was a pretty good singer as you might know. : )

      3. Running Elk

        Aye, he could fair belt oot a tune… 🙂
        It has it’s moments. Usually, around about now, we get a couple of days sunshine before the fog rolls in for the summer. It usually rolls out again just before the first snows… 😉 Only a little unfair – when we moved in it was a glorious summer that seemed to never end, and remarked to one of our new neighbours on how wonderful the summers here were. He looked up, and in the slow drawl of the area said “I hope you are used to disappointment in your life”. He wasn’t wrong – took three years before we saw the sun again… lol

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Ours is in Bothell, but they have them all over. I have not been down there yet! I love yogurt so I need to go and have some of it!!! Luke likes it. : )

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Hi There,
      Thank you for stopping by!. It is so special to see our disabled being respected and embraced in the community. IT takes all of us working together. I appreciate you dropping by! Alesia

  1. pishnguyen

    Congrats to your wonderful son!! I love the photos, especially the first one. He looks so proud; it made me tear up a bit because I’m so happy for him.

  2. Donna S

    WAY TO GO!!!! If we lived out your way, we definitely would go there… we love yogurt shops! This is awesome on so many levels. You are such a great advocate and cheerleader for your son!

  3. Pam

    Congratulations Luke!!!! Proud of you and your first paycheck!!! Wish I could support his place of employment, but it would be a very long drive !!!

  4. A.M.B.

    Oh, how wonderful! Luke must be so proud of himself and you must be so proud of him! I think there is a Menchie’s about 30-40 minutes from me. I will definitely stop by there. 🙂


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