Berlin And The Hollow Tooth

Tip three:  Discuss Holiday ideas with those who live in the area.  That’s my uncle! Consider Rick Steves guidebooks for additional information .  I like his books.

93B29B59-7139-4982-A428-A1BC9ED8122DSitting in my Uncle Peter’s small, but efficient flat in the Charlottenburg borough of Berlin,  we studied very old photos. He lived within minutes of the largest surviving royal palace in Berlin actually called Charlottenburg.  Sharing these pictures brought him happiness yet also caused him such consternation.  He recalled as a boy how he and my mom ran to the castle for protection when the city was being bombed by the Russians.  While hiding and playing on the grounds, he did not comprehend WWII.



My Oma and her first born son Peter.  Photo taken in Berlin, Germany in 1938.

After WWII was drawing to an end, he was sent by my Oma to her sister’s in Austria. Separations in family were common in those days.  Also, in his early teens he was left again by his mother who had to travel to Iran.  My own mother was allowed to go.  Peter felt like an orphan.  It was apparent to me he had not recovered from perceived abandonment issues.


Yours truly at Charlottenburg Castle where my mom and uncle hid when Berlin was being bombed during WWII.

After several hours of looking at photo albums,  we stopped.  My uncle was in pain pointing to his mouth.  A scheduled tooth extraction was in his near future.  He was tired, but we continued to speak about Berlin.  He especially was familiar with The Hollow Tooth which I found ironic since he had just spoken to me about his own tooth issues.  Germans call the devastation of  Kaiser Wilhelm Church not too far from my uncle’s home The Hollow Tooth.  The church had all but been destroyed and was just a shell of itself due to fires from the bombing all around it.  As my uncle’s tooth was about to be pulled due to decay, this church reminds the Germans of the bombs’ destruction.


Photo taken in the 1960’s after the new church was built by the old hollow tooth now King Wilhelm Memorial Church .

After my visit with my uncle, the next day I took the train to this church which is near one of the best shopping areas in the world. The KaDeWe is an experience you do not want to miss if you are looking for some great shopping.  It spans 60,000 square meters and is known all over the world for luxury retail.


King Wilhelm Church 1930’s prior to destruction


I am walking around the old church and the new church built in the early 1960’s


Inside the new church (note seatbelts on chairs)



Walking past the church toward the KaDeWe

Spending my time in Berlin has been fascinating and I must add my timing could not have been more perfect.  I had two weeks vacation and only one day of rain.  This is quite unusual for Germany, but I was so happy that happened to me.  It made the trip that more pleasant.  I ended up buying a few nice warm sweaters while I was in this area. I am so surprised with the wonderful colors of fabric I do not see in the United States.  I recommend anyone that can buy something special for yourself while you are in Germany. I do think you will be so happy you did when you arrive home.  It will help you remember with fondness your trip and that you bought that special something in the heart of Berlin’s shopping district.

Now it is off to visiting family again. Below is one of my Uncle Peter’s Grandsons.  What a great way to enjoy the city through the eyes of a young person, however, he was more interested in American politics.  I tried hard to not talk about it, but the young ones of the world will be making policy very soon! SO– I took the time on that note and gave my best advise on how to lead a country with moral and upright standards and to treat all citizens fairly.  We had fun and got along smashingly! I love our Generation Z!!!!!


See you all next time on my fourth tip on visiting the beautiful city of Berlin!





13 thoughts on “Berlin And The Hollow Tooth

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      I was wondering if someone would ask..The architect who won the contest to build the church believed in a modern look and if I remember correctly he was able to get them in plentiful. The funny thing is this church is also nicknamed the lipstick and powder room. The blue colors in stone floor and windows are gorgeous

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  1. Boots

    My son’s donor is from Berlin (actually 30 min away, called Potsdam). She registered for bone marrow during the anniversary of the wall falling. We were saying if the wall was never torn down, we wouldn’t have found her since she was his only donor in the entire world. We hope to go there someday and meet her and her family. She’s been our angel. I can’t wait to see more Berlin wrote ups. Thanks Alesia

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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      This warms my heart. I was indeed in Potsdam 3 days. I luv the area and it has a Film studio where I believe Berlin Station on Epix was filmed. I will put a post together just for you soon!! I have been procrastinating because I wanted to research the castles’ history more . Keep me posted on your ‘German’ son!!! Did you see the NYT article about how a person’s dna changes in some of these medical cases? Unreal!!! Hugs my friend, Alesia


      1. Boots

        Yes he’s done car t-cell therapy and this save his life! He changed his DNA two times already! Just did a post but not entirely on him. Just how I’m coping now. 😊

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