Leavenworth, WA

What a treat to live in one of the most beautiful places in America. I have called Washington State my home for almost all my adult life. Leavenworth is a small community two hours east of me. I typically drive highway two over Steven’s Pass when I take house guests to enjoy this city. As one reaches this destination, you are overwhelmed by the sheer majestic views of a once logging town and center of the railroads.

Leavenworth has since become a huge tourist’s travel spot for those wanting to experience the European  lifestyle. The town of 2000 becomes wildly alive on weekends. 

It truly is a happy place to feel alive in a town that takes you back to a more simple life. Get this. The town wax incorporated only a little over a 100 years ago.

I am not one for big driving trips, but this one is a must every time I get a chance to take a friend or family.

Where else can you find a prehistoric nutcracker!!!!

Happy travels everyone!!

24 thoughts on “Leavenworth, WA

  1. GP Cox

    This town is amazing and I’ve never heard of it before! So quaint. Too bad the tourists know about it, it might get ruined for sure. (Just as Jimmy Buffet did for Key Largo and Denver did for Rocky Mts. with their songs).

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  2. Peggy Tedford

    What a beautiful small village. I love it,never heard of this little town before. If I ever get to Washington State again I will surely go visit. Thanks for the information on this lovely town.

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