Sofie just came hunting in my backyard.  I see her, but she does not see me.  I watch.  I enjoy.  Sofie went MIA after neighbors shot off obnoxiously loud fireworks July 4th.  It is no surprise She went into hiding.  She showed up a few weeks later in the postman’s arms to the delight of my heartbroken neighbors!

Many of us desire reunion with loved ones that have gone astray.  It could be due to drugs, alcohol, or any habit that has gone very bad.  Others go their own way due to conflicts of the mind that only the parties are privy to.  It is all too sad.

I saw my own life go down this spiraling path.  It was my future if I did not watch and take hold of my soul and rein it in.  Many of my individual woes go back to what I wrote in my last post  25th Anniversary .  There were life decisions out of my control.

Can I back up with you a bit?  I knew I was in trouble at different intersections of my own crooked path.  I hardly ever would seek help.  I was taught to toughen it up.  Do not show you are weak.  I am sure you can relate to this.  It is still not a new concept.

For example coming from North American politics,  Hillary Clinton had  pneumonia and needed rest and medicine.  She was defined by Trump to be too weak for  President.  Saturday Night Life (SNL) made a great spoof off this.  We are not weak when we seek help.  I see Mrs. Clinton shimmy her shoulders as I write this.  You go girl or was this only on SNL she did this?  No. She did it to my delight while Trump dug his grave on debate night.  Do not make any guesses here who I am voting for as I am a private person!  Not!  I am a damn lifestyle blogger.

Sofie, however, made me realize if a cat can show up with her nine lives, we all have a chance. This is in our DNA.  Failures come to bring clarity.  Some lessons bring us back home like Sofie– fireworks or not.  Other lessons help in alternative ways.

I realized almost too late but just in time that love took me over.  Love enveloped me.  Love brought me to a new me.  It is not what some may have wanted me to be, but it is the true me.  I am delighting in this.  So I smile and laugh and see Sofie looking as I watch her. I call her by name. She does not move and I do not either.















24 thoughts on “Sofie

  1. PambRhodes

    Sophie looks so much like my Shadow, which has lived with my granddaughters the past few years. It got to a place where I couldn’t take care of Charles, the grandson and the cat. She was an amazing cat. But they have given her so much love and attention that I couldn’t any longer .


      1. John

        I do! Unfortunately since the divorce, it’s not a good time to have any pet. I am unsure about returning to Michigan as yet. The door will be open for a good bit to come on this, I’m playing it one day at a time. Hoping for next summer to be back but anything could change that.

        I’d have a cat at this time in my life. I love cats and follow a few cat accounts on Instagram. They are so calming, quiet and cuddly. ❤️ You look great in the photo Alesia!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      ha ha…Did you just divulge who your were voting for? You are way too cute! Thank you for your compliment about my writing. This is a labor of love and that affirms me. Bless you.


    1. alesiablogs Post author

      You really may not know who I am voting for!! Anyway , I was utilizing that analogy simply to prove a point that was so very well illustrated by our candidates. Thank you though ! I talked recently with someone who went through one of things I went through who ended up in a mental wing of a hospital for a month. We are all in need. Just glad to be over my tender issues that break ones heart. I hope I can be strong enough for whatever else comes my way! Thank you Donna!



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