Whose Approval Do You Desire? 

A kiss from my autistic son

A kiss from my autistic son

Do not ask my son for approval. People stare at him sniffing my hair and he could care less.  The acceptance of God in our lives is not dependent on humans.   

Sitting at church today,  it struck me how critical humanity can be towards each other. I watched an elderly man act out.  He disgreed about some dialogue. I sat quiet. How many times had I opened my mouth? How about thinking it, but not speaking it?  Words spoken or not can divide. 

I travel a lot.  Getting out of my comfort zone brings me to different cultures and diversity. I enjoy meeting new people. Communication is key.  I find a smile is most inviting.  It is the best kind of approval. Maybe. I am happy.

I think upon myself and wonder how hedonistic I may be. That deep seeded place thinking only about being happy as my greatest approval factor.   Can you relate?

Hiking the Issaquah Alps!

Hiking the Issaquah Alps!

Do I need to look to the skys for my answer? Yes, and I also know my approval rating needs to be more like how my son looks at being accepted. It is with no thought of what others might think. 

Let it go.  Close my eyes and sniff away like my Luke!  There will I find peace in God. 

4 thoughts on “Whose Approval Do You Desire? 

  1. Pamela Rhodes

    Everyone at some point allows people’s opinions to control us, while all the while the only opinion that’s truly important is that of our creator. Luke is so right! CLose your eyes and let the fragrance of peace guide you. God is the one that brings the peace as we allow it to come to us!

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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      I wasn’t thinking about being peaceful. I was thinking more about coming out of our comfort zone and being at peace wherever the chips might fall. I am liberated with that thought of being really me and not studying humanities answers and also not getting so into glorifying my thinking my looking for approval gad nothing to do with anyone but God and me. I could say the hell with everyone else, but better not.


  2. kkessler833

    Lovely post! Such an uplifting attitude! Whenever I was a child and in a bad mood my father would say, “All right, be miserable. Enjoy yourself.” He was hardly ever down in spite of all his responsibilities and a number of difficult circumstance that he called headaches. He would always look on the bright side and I see you share that same point of view!

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