Beautiful day and evening in Washington State


Nestled in the majestic low hills of the mountainous region of Seattle, my true devotion can be felt in the most purest sense of the word.  While we all process through life’s many experiences, my personal belief system has matured in my hometown.

The ingredients to a good life can co-exist in many paths.  It can certainly be one of exceptional insights during incredible times.  Additionally, encounters of painfulness bring deep awareness. The whole process of life is so different for each of us. Agreed?


Downtown Seattle 

Recently, I shared with a friend about my second blog that was self-indulgent with my different personalities.  To give myself validity, this process of writing was cathartic and kept anonymous.  It was being followed quick due to its graphic nature.  No exploitation of any kind was meant in the purest sense of the word. This second blog was an effective way to tend to my own personal needs. It showed experiences of all kinds under the moon.


Mountains surrounding the Puget Sound

Sustaining such writing was never meant to be long term.  I saw it as a crossroads.  If I did keep up that second blog,  I needed a trustworthy editor because I knew it was book worthy.  I kept what little I did write as I said incognito. For now, I will keep it as such.


West Seattle where the first settlers cames to the Pacific NW

Today, I am glad I did this.  It was cathartic and may still be in my future.  The story of my life medicallly speaking could help others.  The problem is that it is extremely personal in nature and has been denied by two editors that I felt would be best suited for my writing style.  Being fair to the editors I spoke with their explaination from them was that it was not edifying to them to edit.  They are both Christian writers.  Interesting enough, I saw my naturopathic and he said to me, “You need to write a book!” Both editors refused to read one word by the way.



2017 -A New Year-New Beginnings

The differences in myself will stay inward for now.  I would not want to disrespect another just to put to words something that may be better suited being written in a different format.  Sometimes “being” means letting go. Maybe this is my differences moving forward. No hurting anymore.


My sons and their Dad.  Luke always has that alligator! 

13 thoughts on “Differences

  1. Jane Fritz

    I have also had experience with disinterested editors/publishers. Publishing anything except through self-publishing seems to be an extraordinarily challenging process these days, nearly impossible. There is no doubt that you have a story that is worth telling and one that could be helpful to many people. This particular post is particularly intriguing in that it feels like there is a lot to be found “between the lines”! Happy New Year, Alesia.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Jane- thank you. There is . It’s an amazing journey done in a very unorthodox manner . My story would be helpful to women and probably men who are willing to listen I believe. It’s a complicated, but the writing was my only outlet. So I have mostly wrote to edify, but the deep seeded things I went through would have you grabbing your heart wondering how the hell I made it. But I did and am still making it!! Thank you for your thoughtful words.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Donna S

    You are a survivor and an excellent writer! I know that you will get that publication out. Who knows -we might even see it turned into something on screen!

    Liked by 1 person


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