Am I Bionic?

It was the sound of scratching nails getting louder and louder. Then silence. Moments later, a small whimper began.
Lying down on my bed sleeping, I flinched realizing what I was hearing.
Quickly standing up from a deep sleep, I saw my dog Linus stuck under my bed. All I could think about doing is pulling him out. I had never seen him do this before.
It is not unusual for Linus to sleep at the side of my bed. Although, He must have moved in his sleep to get himself trapped under it.
I tried pulling him out unsuccessfully. Realizing the weight of the bed was on my dog’s back, I lifted the bed frame up. No easy task for someone in my physical shape, but it was the only way to pull him out.
After coming out from under the bed, Linus could not seem to hold up his own body weight. Suddenly to my relief, Linus managed to pull himself up.
Feeling nauseated from lifting the bed and the ensuing pain I felt in my head and back, I laid down quickly praying for relief.
Not quite awake, I thought to myself, “What just happened?” However, relieved that my dog was Ok and my pain subsiding, I drifted back to sleep.
beep…beep…beep…My alarm wakes me. Time to go to church.
Leaving the house, I eyed Linus sleeping on his own bed. Quietly I thanked God he was not hurt.
I wondered where my strength came from. It was crazy to me that I could lift the bed up.
To my surprise, the pastor spoke about, “You’re stronger than you think.” As the pastor was wrapping up his message, I could not help but smile knowing God must have given me a supernatural ability to help my pet when he needed me the most. God does indeed use the weak. In fact, it seems many times God uses the smallest of things to His Glory. My own strength certainly fits the bill.

10 thoughts on “Am I Bionic?

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Exactly! What I have noticed he does more since he has gotten older is twitch a lot in his sleep. I am thinking he must have just twitched his body underneath the frame of the bed. I just couldn’t believe it when I saw him under there!


  1. alesiablogs Post author

    It was just such a weird experience. I was half out of it and thought I was dreaming! It is terrible to hear your animal crying! Just glad his back was not broken. It scared me to death. He is such a love.


  2. Donna

    Wow -what an awful thing to have happen. It is great that God gave you the strength you needed. He always knows what we need when we need it. Please give Linus a sweet pet for us!


    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Isn’t that the truth! I have to say that was a scary few seconds. It is worse when you are awoken from a deep sleep and have to deal with such a crazy thing in the middle of the night! But I am glad all worked out!



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