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img_4547The arts mean more to me in my 50’s than any other previous decade of my life thus far. It may have to do with the fact I did not have as much time to appreciate and embrace human creative skills and imagination.  I truly believe that the arts are meant to make us better people because of their beautiful and emotional power.

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Flip-Flops And Life

I am a 70's girl stuck in 2014.  How do I learn to belong? Can you pick me out?

I am a 70’s girl stuck in 2014. How do I learn to belong? Can you pick me out?

Running late for my dental appointment, I grab my socks and I thought my shoes. As I start the engine and travel down the road, I realize the shoes were a figure of my crazy imagination.
Laughing out loud to no one but myself, I don’t turn around. Frozen in time, I look down to my bare feet and think who cares?
I could say I don’t care about shoes and I do not care to choose, but reality is I was in a hurry.

“Alesia, put something on your feet if you are going out to play!” Living in Hawaii–who cares, right.
“Ok, mom,” As I run out with flip-flops in my hands and no socks. The flip-flops never made it to my feet usually.
It was 1971 and who gave a you know what about shoes. We lived in Hawaii and we just wanted to have fun and playing with the other kids without shoes on was the norm.
Those were the days. No one held this girl down. No shoes for sure did. Being on your own time and really no time source to tell me different made me feel like nothing could go wrong. Reminiscing of the days of old, I still realize how I loved those old days. Backing up in my mind, everything was going my way. I could do whatever I wanted to do.

“Damn.” I said to myself realizing I was not going to turn around for my shoes just because I was going to the dentist. You could call it crazy, but I called it freedom and memory freezing even if just for the 15 minute drive. The sun was beaming down on my car hood and it was just a beautiful day. Who cares if I have any shoes? I sure did not. After all I am just an American woman wanting to mess with your mind and show up barefoot.

Oh..That's where those flip-flops ended?

Oh..That’s where those flip-flops ended?

“Alesia, time for supper. Come in before your food gets cold!” Man, moms know how to mess up a good tether ball tournament going on with my friends on the Barracks we lived in. All the children I played with hovered around that ball and string.
“Ok, mom!” I shouted. My friends were so kind. They crowned me the champion for the evening tether ball match. I took that championship home with me with a big smile on my face. Walking into the house, my mom looks at my dirty 9-year-old feet. OOPS!!!! No flip-flops on.

Walking into the dentist office and then sitting into the chair, my dental hygienist does not even notice I am barefooted.
She starts talking about some old man’s world book series where men would turn into young men and become super heroes.
Geez, I felt like a super hero just then. I got caught outside without my shoes on and no one cared!

Honolulu 1971. Ahhh! The life.

Honolulu 1971. Ahhh! The life.

Freaky Friday

This photo was taken a month after my brain tumor was extracted.  My son wanted to cheer me up so he put a pillowcase over his head imitating me! What a guy!

This photo was taken a month after my brain tumor was extracted. My son wanted to cheer me up so he put a pillowcase over his head imitating me! What a guy!

Nitty Gritty Man has made my day! I was awarded my fourth blogger award for my comical side that you may read occasionally in my blog posts. Although I might add what you think is funny may really be sarcasm on my part. : ) What I can say about this award is that it feels like after several months of finding my groove in blogging, my readers are beginning to see something unusual in how I may get my point across. It is exciting to receive the Liebster Award as described in this post (http://nittygrittydirtman.wordpress.com/ ). I have been asked to answer these questions of myself of which I will try to do with the utmost honesty! I hope soon to nominate a fresh group of bloggers for this award:

1. What is your favorite time of day and why? It is in the morning after the house is real quiet and the kids have went to school. It is also at night if I can not sleep and I am blogging some amazing story that you all get to read. It is like my creative juices are just flowing at midnight!

2. How and when did you first discover your passion, whatever that passion is? I knew I wanted to write all my life, but I guess life got in the way.

3. Hopefully, you’re familiar with The Breakfast Club for this question. When you were in high school, in which social group did you best fit? I was in the NERD group for sure. I was one of those snobby straight A students, but no one knew because I did not talk about my grades.

4. Where do you write your posts and why did you choose that place? I write my posts in our computer room. I have a laptop that does not move from its location! The laptop is just darn lazy and likes its spot in that room!

5. What always makes you laugh and why? If you know me and a lot of you do by now, it is my dog that gives me the biggest smile especially with his facial expressions. ( https://alesiablogs.wordpress.com/2012/11/15/napblopomo-rocks-for-linus/ ) . If you want to see who smoked the first legal joint in Washington State, I double dare you to click on this post!

6. If you could appear on a televised talent show, what would your talent be? A farting contest. Well- you asked. I do live with teenage sons and one needs to always be prepared.

7. Which flower reminds you of happiness? I love getting roses. They are so romantic. I do not get many of them. Oh you asked about happiness–that would be the TULIP! If you have ever been to a tulip field and saw its vastness there is no way you could not be happy!

8. What is your favorite book and why? I will say The Hare With Amber Eyes by Edmund De Wall ( http://www.amazon.com/Hare-Amber-Eyes-Hidden-Inheritance/dp/0312569378 ) . It is a true family memoir like no other. If you love history, art, international intrigue, war, love, and above all else intelligent writing, this is your book.

9. It’s important to eat your vegetables, but which vegetable do you always resist/avoid eating? I hate Lima Beans. Seriously why would you ask why I would avoid those slimy beans! Disgusting.

10. What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? You do know I live in Seattle, right?

11. Who is the one celebrity, past or present, you would like to meet — and what would you ask that person? Johnny Depp ( Are you really as funny as the characters you play?). Tim Tebow ( Do your knees hurt a lot?)……

Seattle On Tour- A Unique Perspective

Today’s installment begins a fresh series of tours and great spots to stop in various cities I have been lucky to venture into.  It seems fitting to start in my hometown of Seattle.  I have lived here for more then 20 years and I believe it is one of the most incredible cities that everyone should go to once in their lifetime.  Come along as I show you around with the help of you guessed it – Linus.  If any of you have been following me in the last 2 weeks, I have highlighted this little Seattleite as my very special friend that sticks closer then a brother.  Well here he is again- Hanging out with me and now you too.  Enjoy my photos.  They were taken with my Panasonic DMC-ZR1:

Linus-I am really trying to show my friends from out of state about our great city Seattle. Oh- YOU want me to tell them to go eat at IVAR’s in Seattle. It should be a must stop for any tourist!

This is the Fremont Troll. Linus thinks it would be a great stopping point in the Fremont District of Seattle. I agree.

Seattle Spaceneedle – the LANDMARK of our great city all 604 feet of it! I highly recommend going up only if it is sunny! The view would be spectacular.

Snoqualmie Falls. It was highlighted in the TV series TWIN PEAKS. Great place for a picnic lunch Linus states! He has been there and he should know!

Mom- I am really getting tired. Lets do another round of photos for our followers tomorrow. Your Son, Linus!

Mom- Really you can share more photos tomorrow. I need the computer!
This is my son in 2008 on a modeling shoot. I do not take credit for this fantastic shot, but I do take credit that this is my fabulous son Elijah!

Thanks for stopping by.  I plan to share more photos from Seattle and other places I have had the great joy of visiting in my journey that we call life.